Phewf, last night around this place was a gong show. Our neighbours down the hall were not having the best of times. It was a couple screaming and arguing all night….that was until the cops came at 3am.
Geesh. On top of that, Mike‘s had a really bad cough. So I let him sleep in and decided Painter and I would go to Tim’s and get him a coffee.
While I was in the drive through, on the radio a man was playing a win cash game. He won $800 and he was flipping out , but then he said he was sooo happy because this was the first Christmas in 42 years that he didn’t have to work, since he had just retired. OK- I don’t know if it was the way he said it, or what, but that made me cry. I’m serious, not for long, I was just so happy for him that he had Christmas off and he just won $800. (Bridezilla is slowly emerging….haha)

When I got home I was standing in front of the elevator with a coffee for Mike, tea for me. Then, Painter see’s another dog….charges for it and Mike’s coffee is perfectly fine, but my tea goes flying across the lobby. My emotions did a quick turn from compassionate to RAGE! (kidding, more frustration that I lost my tea I was so excited about).

I made a green shake instead.

Green Smoothie cleanse

Some of the greens I was rocking this morning.

I also went to the gym this morning. 45 minute workout. 20 on eliptical, then some light weight training.
For work today I voiced an online gaming system that will be played in Mexico. I did an audition, they said, “We love your voice, can we hear you with a spanish accent.” So I did my best accent and sent it to them. They emailed me back, “It’s official, we’d like to hire you, but please just speak in your regular voice!” haha.
I’m good at eating Mexican, but NOT sounding like one! lol (something to work on..)

ahh, Mexican food…. SNAP. Day 12 on my cleanse. One thing about this cleanse is how easy it has gotten. In the beginning I had pretty bad headaches and I didn’t know how I would continue, but day by day, the headache (aka- toxins releasing) left and now I feel like I am on A1A- Beach Front Avenue!

Here’s me for real on A1A Beach Front Avenue in Florida last May. Another margarita???


It is definitely my go-to holiday #1 choice. I guess I could make margarita’s in my Vitamix… hmmmm…

Wishing you a happy, happy, happy weekend full of love, light and JOY! Hark the herald angels are singing for YOU.



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