I’ve been feeling a bit nostalgic of “back in the day”. Anyone else remember those carefree days? The most important things to me “back then” were:

-how much tip money I made so I could blow it on clothes and beer

-where my next “gig” was and what I was going to wear

-where’s the party tonight?

Here is a picture of me and my friend Marq. Us on stage a while back;)

Now I’m still not “Mrs. Responsibility” (Mike pays the bills, takes care of accounting, benefits, rent, etc) I’m kinda still a kid in that aspect… However the “Now me” thinks about things like:

-how much money I earn and where we can invest it

-how can I set up passive income streams so I can achieve financial freedom

-my kitchen is to small, we need a bigger kitchen so I can cook more


I wouldn’t change anything though. I’m super happy and grateful with how my life is going. Ya just can’t help but miss “the good ‘ol days” sometimes;)

Let’s go back to yesterday, but by “yesterday’ I mean feb.5… It was a nice morning and I took a few pictures as we walked to Tim’s and got our Saturday coffee.

Mike sitting on a bench, with the construction zone behind him…


Our apartment (view from the beach)

beach towers, beach ave, 1600 beach ave

pretty lil flowers still grow in the winter here

I went whale watching, OMG- I SAW A TALE!!! woo hoo

whale tale, carved, wood,

Fast forward to today. LIKE NOW… I just went for a run in the pouring rain with my club, went for a quick swim and am now drinking this

Healthy goodness to counterbalance the beer and goodies I’ll be having at the Superbowl gathering we are going to;)

But first- I need to voice 35 pages for my new job.  I will leave you with this video..

Hearts and kisses and love and butterflies! Have an awesome footbally afternoon!


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2 Responses

  1. michele on 06 Feb 2011

    Wow that pic of you and Marq is indeed a “yesterday”–have you downloaded his latest songs…awesome stuff. You sound like you are in exactly the same stage as I am as far as “responsibility” goes–and I’m a hundred years older! Good for you, but don’t go and get TOO responsible!

    • admin on 07 Feb 2011

      Thanks Michele! I promise I won’t get too responsible;) Hope all is well with you! Lots of Love!!!

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