One of my best friends is moving to Australia TOMORROW! YIKES! Diana (far left) met her soul mate in Hawaii almost 2 years ago and now she is off to Perth, Australia (where they are both originally from). Off to a new adventure, so excited for her.

This is from her going away party this weekend. We hit up Section 3 in Yaletown.

Dee played it safe and got a hotel room for the night so no one had to drive. Here’s the view from her balcony…. Ahhh, Vancouver…

Vancouver city

Here’s the boy (Sean) she is going to be with!!!

Dee came to visit me in LA when I was there and this is one of her shots of the freeway. Cool shot!

Los angeles city

Another one of her shots from Venice.

Venice Beach

Ahhhh, traveling. I found this online today and I was in heaven.. This voiceover artist put a studio in her camper and travels to hot places like Florida and just works from her camp spot. MARK MY WORDS- I am sooooooo going to do this one day!!! Talk about freedom.

That is seriously cool! The full story at Jacksonville.com.

In the meantime, we are firing back up a contract with Stormtech to make new product videos for their new fall garments.

I freaking LOVE Stormtech. I love that we get to work with them on a contractual basis. It’s great. Here is there Burnaby showroom, although they have headquarters worldwide.

Stormtech Performance apparel show room

We have got to travel with Stormtech in the past. Here we are in San Francisco with Kite Surfer, Gail Zaccai.

Ohh, and in LA with stuntman Brad Martin.

Then we were in Santa Monica with UCLA quarterback Ryan McCaan.

My brother Cory has also been featured in a Stormtech video. Here we are in Lethbridge, Alberta. My bro is a competitive distance runner and just last weekend he won 1st place in a 10 miler!!!

Stormtech Performace apparel

While we travelled all these places, I always did bring my microphone with me and recorded in whatever hotel room we were in at the time…

Now I just need a camper, with a studio so I can travel all around and record from various campsite’s around the continent!! Here’s to living life to the fullest and going on adventures!!!!


Sending adventurous energy to take risks and go for what you really want in life. Don’t be afraid to dream big!

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  1. Sean Quartermaine on 18 Apr 2012

    Great edition!!!!

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