Hey friends!

Ugh! Where have I been?? Just busy…sorry. We had company the last couple days, just haven’t had a chance to write. But here I am;)

I have also been just diving myself into my work. Since I’ve been here in LA, I have learnt so much about this industry. It’s keeping me on my toes and I want to keep learning, keep getting better.

Here are 5 KEY tips I’ve gotten in Voiceovers, that can be applied in all walks of life:
1. Be yourself
2. Be confident (or at least learn to fake it…haha)
3. Trust yourself (your audience needs to trust you too)
4. Take risks
5. Tell the truth

A lot of people try to say there is only 1 way to get into voice acting- you must FIRST be an actor. I disagree, I think that you naturally must inhibit the “acting” trait, and keep taking classes and improving your abilities to give life to the words of the script, but there are no rules or just 1 way that people get into this biz. I say the way into anything- is to follow your heart and never give up…NO RULES BABY…

I can proudly say, I got into this industry via rock and roll baby!!

Oh, and then that segued into becoming a radio DJ.

Here I am broadcasting LIVE at McHappy Day, lol….

Which in turn, got me into voiceovers. Part of being a radio dj, every shift, you have to voice the local commercials, that’s when I fell in love with reading scripts. Although, strangely enough, when I was in my late teens, early twenties- I always, always, always wanted to do voiceovers, I just didn’t know how…

Here is a recent voiceover video demo of some of my work….

Don’t know what started this topic, but anyway…now it is all about growing, learning and giving it all I got. I am going to start taking improv classes right away, I have learned that every successful voice actor takes improv classes…So I better jump on board…

Another thing to jump on board with is THIS VIDEO. (I’m totally going to switch gears here)
KONA 2012- Have you seen it? It’s already got over 11 million views. If you haven’t seen it yet… PLEASE watch it. Kick back and check this out…..

Isn’t it crazy? Wow. I cried so much watching this. Powerful. The filmmaker is totally revolutionizing social media and using it for something sooo powerful and good. I hope it all works out and I fully support this cause.

I just got back from pilates. I hadn’t gone since last Friday (we had company in…no excuse I know). It was a great class. Excited to be back into it…
Ha, loved that pic…so true!!
I hope you are having an immaculate week! I am sending you good vibes and sunshine.


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