Hey friends!

Sunday Funday..

We started with coffee in the morning, along with watching a live stream service of “Agape Live”. (It’s a spiritual centre here in LA, lead by Michael Bernard Beckwith (I first heard of him in The Secret).

We LOVE his Sunday services. Check it out next Sunday, if you don’t live in LA, you can stream live from your computer, anywhere in the world!

Micheal Bernard Beckwith is soooo motivating and inspiring. He is all about creating your own world, coming up with ideas, being more of who you really are, cutting the bull, stop complaining, loving one another, be thankful, put out good positive energy in the world, ETC,…. All the stuff I LOVE learning about.

Here he is on the Oprah show, talking about The Secret. He is SO much MORE than just The Secret though… I highly recommend checking him out;)

Then it was beach time! It was a hot one.

south bay, march, hot weather
The view from my blanket…

As I layed on my blanket, I saw tons of dolphins and sea lions out on the water. Then I went for a dip.., All I could think about was sea creatures coming to attack me! EEK! (I didn’t venture out too far though because the water was so darn cold!)

Last beach day I had was in Fort Lauderdale, Florida in May…

We were in Florida for a seminar, but any spare mili-second we had….we were on the beach (or in the cantina having margarita’s, lol

More sea creatures in Florida I reakon.. (maybe even sharks!! ahhhhhh)

What is your week ahead looking like? Mike‘s friend is coming into town tomorrow, so they are doing guy-stuff while I do “girl-stuff” lol…Basically it means, Mike is out drinking beer in Hollywood and I am working and holding down the fort;)
As I walk to pilates, I have been listening to audiobooks. One I just downloaded is called “Until Today”. So far so good. I LOVE listening to spiritual and motivational audiobooks. It rocks my world.
Even though I could think of a million things I “want”…these kinds of books help remind me, just how blessed I am. How grateful I should be. Material things fade, looks fade, status fades, but your spirit and the essence of your heart and soul live forever. Be ever so thankful for YOU, your family, the love you give and the love you receive. The chance to get up everyday and live this life.

Also…the more you give…the more you receive!
For example…last week I forwarded my friends demo to a director I was working with on a tv spot. They were looking for a voice and I really thought my friend could nail it. He got an audition, booked the job!!! and was SOO thankful for what I had done.
THEN (it gets better)…to return the favor, he sent my demo to one of his big contacts. BAM- they called me the next day with a national tv spot. I’ve already voiced it and sent it back.

Super pumped about that. SO GIVE!! How can you give?

Ok, enough with that talk, hee hee. I’m just sending you love.. Lots of love….


Here’s to an amazing, abundant, prosperous, peaceful, loving week!



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