When I am 64, my future husband will be 57.

When I’m 40, he will be 33.

When I am 92, man… I just realized again how much I dislike doing math!! Just subtract 7 years to every age and you get the picture! (that I am a cougar.. haha)

Do I think about our age difference much? NOOO! In so many ways, Mike is MUCH more mature than I am, but then in other ways- I am more mature- I honestly think we balance each other out nicely.  (I suppose thats why we are getting hitched)

From the day I met this guy, he has lit up my life. I can’t say enough about him.

Here are some of our engagement photo’s!!  Taken by goluckphotography.com

We asked Andrea if we could take a picture on this dock in Coal Harbour. Mike and I sat on this dock one day and had a significant conversation and came up with some strategic ideas on how we want to spend our lives. We also ate mandarin oranges and made the peels into elephant faces as we watched the boat planes land and take off. Sentimental memories here.

He’s always looking out for me and lends me some of his protective angels whenever we are not together….

I love this shot! Kissing out side the cafe…Isn’t it cute?  (not just cause it’s us..haha- insert anyone in there and you’ve got yourself a sweet looking picture! MOM- when you and Richard come visit, we will get you some shots like this!!! You and Richard kissing outside the cafe?   woo hoo! (lol -love you momma!)

Side Note: went to the above cafe after a meeting once, I ordered a vegan brownie and it was so dry and bland, but the coffee was good, (you NEEDED to know that!)

Before we left to do the photo shoot Mike was nervous about having to kiss me in public….. good job honey!

When there was a break in traffic, we ran out into the middle of the road for the shot. Risk-takers for life!

From day 1, I lured him in with my cougar stare…

<3 that smile.

This is one of my favourite shots. Standing side by side, ready to take on the world together.

Thanks Andrea! That was such a fun time, and now we have the memories forever!

I want to wish a……

Happy birthday to my beautiful Sister- in-Law Nicole!

AND Happy Birthday to my soon to be brother in law Craig!

Hope you both have wonderful birthdays:)

What else is new?? I have just been working away this morning/afternoon. Sometimes I look at the time and I just wonder where it went. Feels like moments ago it was 7am and now it’s 2:51pm!

I need to get outside, go for a run. I will most likely hit up a yoga class this evening.

I CAN’T WAIT TIL WE MEET AGAIN. Thank you sooooo much for stopping by today.


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7 Responses

  1. Marianne on 12 Apr 2011

    You two are friggin’ adorable! AMAZING photos – really, great shots. :)

    • admin on 13 Apr 2011

      xoxoxo Thanks girl. See you in 2 sleeps;)

  2. These are AMAZING!!! Age difference means nothing when it comes to being in love – and you two are definitely in love. :)

    • admin on 13 Apr 2011

      Thank you Heather! You are a sweetheart.

  3. Andrea on 13 Apr 2011

    You two are so much fun to photograph, what a great day! Thank you sooo much for having me as your photographer. Cheers to your amazing life together!

  4. Michelle Schurko on 13 Apr 2011

    Wow, I totally love them. And I’m very impressed with Mikey’s wardrobe. Amanda, you always look beautiful. Mikey looks really grown up with the vest thing. I really love it. Thank you for posting these.

  5. Sharon on 13 Apr 2011

    Cougars rule!!! I’m older than Mike’s dad….

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