When is the best time to buy budgies? When they’re going cheap ! haha, I thought I’d break the ice today with a bird joke in honour of the thousands of birds I saw today when I was out and about. There were hundreds of them just hanging out and flying around together

Who leads these packs? Is it all instinct or is there a leader?

I know the perched on the ledge, cone head man would have LOVED to chase those birdies!

Ha. Today we dropped the videos we made in LA off at Stormtech! They previewed them all and loved them! Woo hoo. It sure was a great trip. Just may have to go back soon….

Today was day 3 of my Green Smoothie Cleanse. It is going well. NOT a breeze, but I am pushing through. Day 3 already? Well that’s sure good… I made a video about what I’ve been up too…Enjoy!

Eating coffee? Tastes Magical? Mistakes left in and all. tee hee.

While I was out and about running errands, I picked up a couple tea’s. The “cleanse” one has Nettle in it and I heard it is good for the skin. (It also says on the box-’to purify your skin”)

When your on a cleanse, tea’s are like a treat. I have been enjoying them.

Busy voiceover day in the morning, so I better rest up. Hope you are all doing fantastic. Tis the season!!


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