Hey friends!!

How are you??? I honestly can’t believe it’s mid-March already. Seriously, where does the time go? It’s been almost 3 months since we’ve been in LA and I think we’ve made a few decisions…. Going back home… in a couple weeks:) I LOVE LA, I could easily set up shop and live here, but until we get a few more things sorted, Van city is the place to be!! Mike is so excited to play hockey, go camping and drink Tim’s coffee. Me? I’m excited to start taking Improv classes!!!  That is one huge thing I learnt down here, that all the successful voice actors take improv classes….


Ha, we’ll see how I do, lol….

If you think about your BIGGEST, Wildest DREAM. What does it look like???

I’m thinking about one of my wildest dreams- it is to be UBER successful as a voice actor. To be in the top 20% of my field. I want to voice major campaigns/commercials with PHAT residuals, I want to voice a character like Barbi or My Little Pony in an on-going series, and be the promo voice on something like The Slice Network….etc… SO in order to achieve these goals, I need to work backwards from the goal. What ONE step can I do NOW that will take me step by step to my goal.

TO DO’s for me:

Keep reading out loud everyday, Never take a job forgranted, Continue learning in my field, Work on my signature voice, Work on branding a website, Take improv classes, work hard, learn, learn, learn…..

 What are your to do’s? Write em down and start today!!!

I also need to get involved actively right away… (I’m doing pilates, but I need a softball team, a volleyball team, something cool like that to add to the mix so I can blog about it, haha)

This blog has been an outlet to share such amazing things I got to do,

Like triathlon training…


Hiking 45km in the arctic..

30 day yoga challenge….

Painter…. (not an activity, but kind of… I walk him everyday..lol)

Concert reporting…

Raw food chef certification…

raw food, sunburgers

…And all the other craziness I’ve shared on this blog. I’m excited to see what’s next.

What’s next for you???

My awesome cousin Nicole is doing a 30 day hot yoga challenge right now, I am SOO proud of her. I want us all to keep rocking your dreams and goals!

Have a lovely day!!!!!

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  1. Kelli on 15 Mar 2012

    Looking forward to having you back in Vancouver, girl! Sounds like you learned a lot about being a VO artist. I was just looking up softball the other day. I’m not sure I could commit to a team with my work schedule but I’d really like to play when I can.

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