Happy Saturday. Here we are on Hornby Island. What a beautiful place. It took us 3 ferry’s just to get here. Population about 200!

Here are some pictures of our journey here. After the big ferry, we took 2 smaller Ferries.

This piece of land was our final destination

Haha, this camper had bunny rabbit curtains

Once we arrived on Hornby I noticed this cute little Catholic Church

Flowers for sale on the side of the road…but no flowers today:)

The grocery store closes at 5:30! ha. This is pretty much the main drag..(only a handful of stores)


Naaaay naaayy

The Bride and Groom at the ceremony rehearsal!!

Mike and I went to get a 6 pack at the off sale and this was the view by the local pub. Beautiful!

So now I am getting ready to start with the makeup for the bridal party!
Have a wonderful day!

Daily affirmation‎”I am always divinely protected.”Louise Hay

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