Ola! How are ya?!

Good day over here, the weather is finally looking like summer! It’s just 3 sleeps until the Warrior Dash in Whistler!

Mike is training for it.. (honestly he hasn’t been training at all. He went to the gym for the first time in a while) Yep- he’s naturally that fit…not fair!

In Training for Warrior Dash 2011

The Warrior Dash goes something like this:

Crazy hey? I am the Start Line Emcee! I haven’t really Emcee’d anything in a long time, so I am a bit nervous….

But hey.. Amanda is my name and rocking out in front of people is my game!

warrior dash emcee

Even though it’s been about a year since I was on stage, I know I’ll get right into it and flow. I’ve taken centre stage soo much over the years, I’m sure it’s like riding a bike. It’s funny but in the last year most of my “take centre stage” moments have been in a sound booth or in front of a camera- not a crowd.

I have a few friends going too, so having them around will surely help.

This little brat is coming too. While Mike races, we’ll leave him in the car, but dogs can hang out for the day, as long as they are leashed. woo hoo

Oh Painter

Check out this picture of Painter I took today.

A) Yawning?
B) Possessed by the devil?

bug puppy yawning, boston terrier/pug

If you guessed A your right, and if you guessed B…. your right!!!

These Bear in area signs are good motivation to keep Painter on his leash..

Port Moody bear in Area
These signs are right on the paths we walk him everyday.


Day 10 of the raw challenge! Going great. I bought some hemp seeds ($13, gulp) to add to my shakes.
Hemp Seeds have ridiculous amounts of protein in them.
Hemp seeds added to shake

Like the Mason Jars I am now storing my dried goods in?
mason jars for storage

I got 12 of them at Walmart for about $7! Easy access, inexpensive storage centre. (like how I used the avocado to hide the wall plug in? Photography at it’s finest folks!)

Bed time. Up early to voice at the fancy studio again! WOO HOO-Another Telus spot! My voice needs it’s beauty rest tonight.

Talk soon!!! Lots of love and light to you!


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  1. 7 dollars for 12 jars! thats awesome – i paid like 3 dollars each for mine!! eeeeeek

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