Hey ya!

Hope you had a terrific weekend. I managed to fit in a Target shop and bought a volleyball to use down a the beach. (only $9.99- what a steal!)


volleyball target

Then it was between 2 frisbee’s for Painter. A big 99 cent one, or a $5.99 smaller, heavy duty one. I went with the smaller, of course more expensive one!

dog frisbee's from target

We also had to go clean the Silver Lake apartment….Here’s my oh yay face…

We were subletting that place. As a parting gift we bought the owner some beers, and some LAMILL coffee (it’s supposed to be amazing…smells good:)

Lamill Coffee, LA

And a note in my not-so-nice hand writing…

Meanwhile, back at our new beach pad, Painter is LOVING it. we keep our balcony blocked off so he can’t go down the stairs and then prop the door open so he can go in and out as he pleases. It was SUCH a nice day out.

Painter on some of my audio foam for my studio…

I am super pumped for an incredible week. I already voiced 2 jobs today, so I feel like the week has already started. Now that we are fully moved in here, I can really focus and get some good work done.

I know this is all over facebook, but I think it is a cool reminder…

Take some chances this week. Take some risks. Let’s get out of our comfort zones!!!

Have a good one… talk soooooooooooon.

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