How is your week going? I make a big list of the things I need to get done in the next 36 hours, before heading to San Fran. One more Stormtech shoot in LA tomorrow, one more in San Fran and it is home to the puppy who I can’t even talk about because I miss him so much. Mike and I spend ridiculous amounts of time talking about all the cute things he does and how much we love ¬†and miss him…I know, he’s a dog…. we are too obsessed…..

We had a shoot today in Santa Monica… it was as beautiful as I remembered it…

Santa Monica Pier

This famous sign is the “gateway” to the Pier..

Santa Monica Pier

Cute…. looks like my dog…everything looks like my dog somehow…

3rd Street Promenade

Lots of stuff has been filmed here over the years, Lost Boys was filmed here…. Baywatch too

We were filming former all star quarterback Ryan McCann today in one of Stormtech’s jackets…

The jacket could not have fit him better. It fit perfect.

He did such an outstanding job. I can’t wait to show you guys all the videos when they’re done… In the meantime, here are some more palm trees.

After the shoot Michael and I drove to Venice Beach to walk around a bit.

I shot the Venice sign backwards, because…well….everything in Vence is backwards! lol

If you haven’t been to Venice boardwalk, it’s a must do in LA… just to see AND hear some of the street performers and vendors…

…. Like this guy!!!

This guy who cruised around on roller skates, playing guitar has been a Venice sight for years and years…

crazy guy venice plays guitar

Now it’s revamp time, getting rest, 2 jobs to voice in the morning and 1 last LA shoot. Then it’s back up for a big road trip home….

Have a fantastic evening!!



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