Ahh, hello from CANADA! Our LA extravaganza is over…for now…

Here is the paradise we left.. This was about 10 steps from our apartment!

Redondo Beach

These great pictures are courtesy of Dee when she was visiting…. Ahhh, just look at the view

Redondo Beach, CA

The final days in our crammed studio-beach apartment…(Note:Mike rolling his eyes…. lol)

redondo beach apartments

But alas, it was time to go home… never know where the next adventure will lead..

On our way out of town, I saw this truck transporting a billion grapefruits.. “Hey! Throw one over heeeeerrreee!

I think this was in Sacramento. Time to run Painter, so he doesn’t go mad with all the driving…

Sacremento, CA

Pretty sun peaking through the clouds..

This here below is Seattle, almost 24 hours after the Sacramento sun!


As soon as Mike and I crossed the border… we headed for Tim Hortons! (Famous Canadian coffee. It’s “roll up the rim” season, but we both failed to produce wins upon our rollings of the rims….

Tim Hortons

Ok, here’s another NON-WIN…. I was in this crazy Japanese store in LA where everything was $1.50. I found these hair elastics… “Sweet!”, I thought..

Until, I opened the package up, grabbed an elastic to put my hair up… What the?? These are just strings of elastic… Did the machine break down to make it a complete circular elastic band? What am I missing here???

That’s $1.50 out the window. Oh, I bought a 1.50 hair brush for Painter…. Garbage too! lol

Painter is happy to be home. Sitting on his ledge on the sofa, looking out at our view. We all forgot how beautiful it is! There’s no place like home…

Hope all is well in your world! I know I haven’t been posting as regularly as often. But I feel much more settled now that I’m home. I can get into a rhythm/pattern again of being a blogging machine! xoxo

Lots of love and sunshine from my heart to yours <3

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