How was your Monday?

My alarm usually goes off at about 5:30 or 6:00am, but I knew I’d be tired today since I didn’t go to bed until 2am, so I let myself sleep in and I didn’t wake up until about 9am! I was kinda slow moving all day. I had 2 voice jobs to do today, but they weren’t urgent, so I am going to do them tomorrow. (not like me to put it off, but I needed a rest day) I also had a very ambitious goal of cleaning my apartment top to bottom…that also did not happen.

Things I DID do today:

-got new hot rollers at Wal Mart

-looked into buying new tires for our truck

-finally got tenant insurance (happy now mom?)

- made 3 templates for wedding invitations. Now I just need to confirm that we are indeed having the ceremony at 2pm (or 3pm) and then I can send to printers!

I also think it’s time to clean out my purse…. I should start with putting my ID in my wallet! Yesterday at the festival, here I am in line for the beer gardens and I could not find my ID for about 3 minutes. I took my wallet apart a couple times, finally remembering that I threw my ID  in my little makeup case earlier (why? I don’t know)

Live at Squamish

It doesn’t surprise me either that my iphone slipped outta my hands and smashed on the ground:(

smashed iphone screen

I guess it’s not the end of the world- but still sucks! At the mall I was quoted $120 to fix it with a good quality replacement.

I was so glad that Mike could come with me yesterday too. (and not just because he holds my purse while I take pictures! ha- what a sweetheart <3)

What kind of a face is that?  A rock face? Hardly! Just looks weird. haha

Whistler Water is having a contest soon on who did the best concert coverage (between me and 2 other awesome bloggers) So I am going to need your votes soon! I will keep you posted on when voting happens. You know how much I would appreciate your support! ;)

flip cam, whistler water

Speaking of support-today on facebook I noticed that my Nana posted a note on my cousin Val’s page, “I am so proud of my creative granddaughter”. I had to get in on it right away and see what my nana was talking about. Lo and behold, among other cool artistic things my cousin Val does, she made this purse….

Made of:

old jeans + old shirt + old belt + dollar store dog muzzle = new bag
homemade jean purse

That is soo cute! So proud of you cousin. She said it was a pain to hand sew the whole thing, but I think this purse is so awesome. Nice work girly. Can’t wait to see you at the wedding. (Side note-I am sooo excited for my wedding!)

In other news- I completed my 30 day Raw Vegan challenge!!!!!!! Here was Day 1, one month ago. The crazy thing is- this “challenge” wasn’t even hard!! I lost probably 10 pounds, I woke up with so much energy, I felt clear headed, inspired and happy. Raw Food is not just a “challenge” for me anymore- it is here to stay. I just love how I feel on Raw Foods and don’t want to stop…

Today I had such a sweet tooth, I needed to fix it pronto, I did a variation of  ”Raw cheesecake”. I soaked some macadamia and pecans for a while, threw them in the processor, added a pinch of salt and some fresh lemon juice..

raw vegan lemon cheesecake

Then poured in a bit of Agave Nectar.

raw vegan cheesecake

Packed it into a little serving dish..

raw vegan cheesecake

Added some fresh raspberries.

raw vegan cheesecak

A dollop of raw chocolate sauce and VOILA! A filling, nutritious dessert that I had after a massive salad!

raw vegan cheesecak


Thanks sooooo much for stopping by! Let’s meet again tomorrow!!! xo

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