Monday madness begins….

So in yesterdays post, I told you I was going to check out a relationship seminar. I promised I would come back with feedback on the seminar….I can say this….my friends are really good at drawing…..

amazon women

rainbows and unicorns

cool kids at the back of the class...

Honestly, I had fun because my friends… are…well…funny! But I don’t think we learned much…..

Moving on to THE PLAN

Did you read my recent post about making new health and fitness goals? Hopefully you did and you are ready to rock right along with me! Since a new season is among us, it is time to change things up and challenge ourselves.

I have got my plan!!

I am going to religiously follow the P90X plan
I have already watched the first dvd that explains the workouts

He’s got some bad makeup in the video, lol

and today I start with the back and shoulders dvd and mark everyday I complete on my P90X calendar:

This will be completely filled in over the next 3 months!

I am not really into the P90X eating plan, so I am going to follow eating habits (which I have already been doing)
in these amazing books:

Eating Clean and The Thrive Diet ROCK!

My workouts are going to be done in the early mornings, I want to be done my training by 7am, so I can get ready for auditions. (they start right around 7am) I am also going to incorporate morning jogs once and a while because I love fresh air and nature, it really gets ya going…

I am doing this for me,  of course, but I also want to inspire you! It is so important to live healthy lives. I have already noticed such a difference on just the few steps I have taken in this positive living direction, and look forward to continuing on..

Like I wrote in my highschool year book, “Take pride in how far you have come, Have faith in how far you will go.”

Peace out my brothers and SISTERS….have an awesome day!


Daily affirmation‎”I trust my inner wisdom.”Louise Hay

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