How the heck are you?????

It is nice to be back at home. My day has consisted of emails, voicing, laundry, unpacking, and getting groceries.

We had absolutely no food. It was so nice to get re-stocked on healthy, wholesome food.

I went to Superstore for all our main groceries

- brown rice

-12 grain bread

-cottage cheese, milk and eggs for Michael

-frozen fruits and veggies

-salad dressing


-canned stuff

-bulk nuts and seeds

-household items like shampoo, conditioner, etc.

When it came to getting laundry soap, I was drawn in by the fragrance-free hypoallergenic detergent for babies….

presidents choice baby detergent

I figured I’d give it a try. I got the powdered detergent vs the liquid because I ALWAYS pour WAY to much of the liquid in and I waste it. It’s weird cause I know I do it, so why wouldn’t I just use less? Best if I stick to powdered.

After spending way to much time debating over products like this, I went to Kin’s Farmers market for my produce.

(old picture of me in the downtown Kin’s)I stocked all up on awesome fresh fruits and veggies!

As soon as I got home, I made a monster salad..

Started with the mixed greens for the basemixed salad greens

Then I washed the sodium off some canned olives in my sweet new rinsing basket!

rinsing off olives

And I did the same with the pineapples.

(I prefer fresh pineapples, but these work when time is permitting) and whatever I don’t use from the cans, I toss in a tupperware container and into the fridge for the next salad.

Then I added

-red pepper
monster salad
Then topped it off with a pinch of sliced raw almonds, dried cranberries and pumpkin seeds!
cranberries, pumpkin seeds and almonds
Add a bit of dressing, mix er up and breakfast/lunch is served! (I didn’t have breakfast this am- I know! Bad! I got up and pretty much went straight to grocery store- our fridge was bare!)

It was so yummy. I usually mix up what I put on it, like sometimes walnuts, pecans, corn or black beans. Switch some things out once in a while, ya know?
It keeps me full for a long time!

Do you make monster salads? What are some of your favourite ingredients??

I’m going to play softball tonight (my friends team is short players, so I thought I’d step up to the plate!)

Have a fantastic evening!


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2 Responses

  1. mari on 30 May 2011

    I love to add avocado to my salads and quinoa – which I know you have an aversion to. Black beans are another favorite addition of mine! Bon appetit!!

  2. admin on 30 May 2011

    Avocado! Of course! xo Black beans too:)

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