I woke up and did some voicing for the Government of Canada which was cool, then I jumped in my truck and met this lovely girl for lunch.

We had a little picnik on Dee’s lunch break. (I <3 this girl!!)

The “perks” (pun intended) of having a friend work at a huge coffee supplier (Canterbury Coffee)- is that you get hooked up with fresh coffee pronto!

resiprocrate blend, canterbury

I also got my eyebrows threaded at Vision 2000 (6667 Fraser St. in Vancouver) $5 and they did an AWESOME job threading my unibrow!

This was from my Grade 6 school photo. I can really grow the brows!!

Here’s a sneak peak at them today.

Another highlight of my day was watching Mike blow air on the pups with an air mattress pump.

He just ends up biting it and trying to attack it.

Hee hee… What a brat.

Now- BED! I have the Live at Squamish action going on! Lots of cool bands to check out! I can’t wait.

Hope your ready for a kick butt weekend. We’ll be in touch eh???

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