Hump day!

Interesting day here. I got up at 6:30, started working, then during a break, I started looking at apartments on Craigslist. Every so often this “moving” obsession comes over me and I can’t control it…..If you recall, it hasn’t been too long since my last “I wanna move” phase.

So…. I made an appointment to go look at this condo in Burnaby at noon..Our money goes a lot further in Burnaby, and even further in Port Moody…Very spacious, the main thing I had my eye on was the kitchen.

It was really nice, on the 12th floor, it had a perfect den to put a studio in, but the view was looking at the back of some industrial house and the freeway. The pool was nice, but the gym was small.

I am so torn.. I DO NOT like commuting, and if we move- our gas bill for the truck will at least double. Right now we can pretty much walk anywhere and this is my view! Breath taking on a daily basis…
BUT….this is my kitchen!!!! BOOO
It suuuucks! It’s so small and uninspiring to cook in…. I also feel like we have outgrown the use of our space. Like it’s time to upgrade to a bigger or at least better designed place. A den for a studio would be great. In suite washer/dryer…I think I’m ready… HMMMMM….
What should we do?? Be happy where we are and make it work until we buy something, or move??

After we met with the owner of the condo, I convinced Mike that we should make a pit stop before home…
I’m gonna make you guess… FUN GAME!

Big Elavators… ikea elavators

Paper hanging balls….

AND cheap batteries….

Haha, you guessed it- We went to IKEA!!! I had to get a Frozen Yogurt for $1

Mike got Combo #2 for $2. Woo Hoo

Nice Kitchens…
One day soon you will be mine;)

We bought a BIG pot so I can make soup (I forgot to take a picture of it) This is what else we bought:) Lots of Candles..
Remember to bring your own bags when you go to Ikea- I don’t like the bags that they have there, PLUS you have to pay for them now…

That was my adventure of the day….SO now we are just deciding whether to move now or not. (BTW- there is a chance we are moving to Florida- so all these ideas are pending)…

Besides that, I want to give a shout out to my friend Marq DeSouza who is playing a show tonight in Vancouver. I wanted to go see him, but I have to get up at 4:30am for swimming tomorrow, plus still doing some work…  Marq ROCKS. His music can be heard here. Here is a song that Marq wrote- BUT I sang!!! We made a video to it…

That was fun:)

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  1. Can you find a place that’s just as cool but a shorter commute? There are a million places out there these days. Although, that kitchen DOES rock.

    Where in FL? I’m in Orlando. :-)

    • admin on 24 Feb 2011

      Hey! I think we came up with a plan to move somewhere in this area, but just get a place with a better kitchen and a den for my studio. We may have to pay a bit more- but it’s all good.
      I am jealous that you already live in Florida! We might move to Fort Lauderdale. Should find out soon if it’s a go (my boyfriend may have a job there!) Take care Paula..xoxo

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