WOAH…Dec.19 already? Say What?? Can’t believe we leave this weekend already, on our trek to Saskatoon, off to the wedding chapel.

Ahh, during these festive days I recall our family Christmas in New Orleans. It was such a riot.

Mike and I have STRONG daiquiri’s in hand. Mississippi River behind us. This was Christmas day.

On Bourbon Street, Peace Y’all.

We went to a midnight mass at the amazing New Orleans Cathedral.

This Christmas Day Mike and I will in the truck on our way to Saskatchewan. Stopping in Revelstoke one night, then Banff one night. So Christmas isn’t really going on for us this year. But NYE will definitely make up for it.

Sooooo, today was the first day “off” ¬†green smoothie cleanse. Funny thing was, when I woke up- the first thing I “had to have” was a green smoothie. I was like, “YES!” this is good!!

Greens for the Vitamix

I later on had tomato soup, raw veggies, an organic sweet potato muffin thing that Mike brought home from a video shoot he was on today and I some honey nut cereal that had been staring me in the face for 2 weeks.

My goal is to stay raw (I wasn’t 100% raw today) BUT, I am going to stay as close to raw as possible for the days and weeks to come. (We’ll see how it goes down during the wedding and what not). But I plan on 2012 being a mainly raw year.

Ohh and speaking of exciting things, here I am..getting packed up for the wedding and the adventure after the wedding!!!!

I am bringing some stuff from my “organic” drawer. Cacao nibs, Mulberries, Goji berries, Sprouted buckwheat, Green Tea, Pumpkin seeds, and Tumeric. I will add in the nuts from the fridge right before we go.

nativas Mulberry Power
I went to the gym again today and had a great workout. 25 min on the eliptical and about 25 minutes weight training. Best workout i’ve had in a while. I was given’er!

I’m going to go down to the storage locker now and pull some stuff. I’ll be chatting with you tomorrow. Same time, same place! Keep on rocking in the festive world! xoxo

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