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  • Hey friends!

    Remember when I entered that blogging contest for Live at Squamish? In case you didn’t hear, I ended up winning the contest! For winning, I got a free night’s stay at the Fairmont Hotel downtown and a free dinner at Altitudes on top of Grouse Mountain. I decided to save the hotel night for a rainy day, but I treated mom, Mike and Richard to the dinner, I made them work for it!

    I made them hike Grouse first! 3km straight up! Mom was excited, just look at her stretching crazy dance moves.

    Whistler Water, Grouse Grind

    Mike and I were the cheerleaders. “Good job Richard, good job mom, almost at half way!”

    Whistler Water, Grouse Grind

    Lots of steep switchbacks.

    Whistler Water, Grouse Grind

    Good job mom! We were using the rope to pull us up, and then realized it smells like old stinky hockey gloves.

    Whistler Water, Grouse Grind

    We made it to the top! rehydrated with some Whistler Water.

    Whistler Water, Grouse Grind

    The Chalet.

    Whistler Water, Grouse Grind

    We made it into altitudes restaurant and this was our view.

    Whistler Water, Grouse Grind

    No big deal, just the most beautiful view EVER.

    Whistler Water, Grouse Grind

    Whatcha gonna get momma. This was mom’s 3rd time hiking Grouse! She is a champ.

    Whistler Water, Grouse Grind

    We started discussing wedding stuff, so I asked our kind waiter for a pen and paper to jot down some to-do’s…

    Whistler Water, Grouse Grind

    After dinner we explored the top of the mountain. Mom and Mike and some deer.

    Whistler Water, Grouse Grind

    When you have a dog, every animal looks like your dog. I can see Painter in these doe’s.

    Whistler Water, Grouse Grind

    I can see Painter in these bears… These bears were rescued when they were cubs. They were both orphans.

    Whistler Water, Grouse Grind

    The we went on the free, but looooong chair lift up to the very top. Mom was a bit scared of heights, she put on a bit of a show, and it was very entertaining.

    Whistler Water, Grouse Grind

    We had a really great day, one I will always cherish and remember.
    Thanks again to Whistler Water for the dinner! It was wonderful.

    Happy FRIDAY! Have a fantastic weekend will ya?!

  • Hello my dear friend…

    How was your day? Hopefully bright and beautiful. My was really good *except* for having to take my iphone in to get fixed and finding out it would be $150… Such is life… I’ll look at it as an investment in the cell phone repair industry… they gotta make a living too;)

    Onto fun things! Feel like making me smile? If so, then place your vote, letting Whistler Water know which blogger YOU think did the best job covering the Live at Squamish music festival! Just by voting YOU can win some sweet prizes.

    The contest is between myself and 2 other awesome bloggers, I’m not gonna tell you who to vote for- just place a vote no matter what!

    Click on the link to VOTE!


    whistler water contest, vip blogger, live at squamish



    Thank you so much if you already have voted. You rock. I love being a part of things like this! This blog is a good platform for cool contests, events and some amazing interviews too.

    Remember my all-star interview with pro model and triathlete Jenny Fletcher? Today I was flipping through Women’s Health Magazine and there was Miss Jenny in her new Oakley ad!

    jenny fletcher womens health magazine, oakley ad

    Good for her. She is amazing.

    I went for a 3.5km run today channeling my inner Jenny Fletcher, but I’m not quiet at her status! ha. I do however have a 10km race this Saturday in Taber, Alberta which I am really looking forward too. Running it with my brother and his wife:) (Mike will be there too, but he is going to be filming.) We are going to make a fun little video at CORN FEST!

    How cool would it be if the race was through a corn maze? (It’s not though)

    Today we had to go out and do a few more shots with one of the Stormtech jackets we are doing a video for. Mike was reviewing the footage I shot because before we can go inside- he needs to know that I was in focus and not to shaky:) Like how I waved HI to you through my shadow?

    Oh, you guys know me…

    Tee hee….

    Painter joined us outside too, but we had to tie the little bugger to a tree. He was chill though.

    I tried to get organized today for our trip (we leave Friday morning), I also wrote out some Thank-you cards to a few of my awesome voiceover clients. It’s something I’ve never done before, but I have been feeling extremely grateful these days and I felt the need to express my thanks.

    Do you send Thank-you cards? Even if you don’t send a card, close your eyes, think about someone you are thankful for and wish them well in your heart. That grateful energy is then out in the universe and it will attract back more things for you to be grateful for! (A little of The SECRET coming through my fingers as I type right now, lol)

    So I’m going to leave on that note today…. I am thankful for you and I hope you take a second to vote.

    THIS BLOG POST TODAY IS  SWAK! (sealed with a kiss)

  • Howdie!!!

    Upon entering Day 2 at “Live at Squamish”, I was greeted with a FREE HUG…… (Phewf, thank goodness they were free!!)

    Live at Squamish, 2011, day 2

    “Aw, come here, you need a hug!” <3

    Live at Squamish, 2011, day 2

    I found myself some more free hugs when I met the Whistler Water team!

    Live at Squamish, 2011, day 2

    Everything around the festival grounds seemed to be running smoothly! Love all the environmentally friendly folks that rode their bikes to the festival!

    Live at Squamish, 2011, day 2

    Awesome Volunteer recycling too.

    Live at Squamish, 2011, day 2

    One of my favourite visuals was at the Silent Disco. The sign read “Smile, you’re beautiful” (Pssst- it’s true)

    Live at Squamish, 2011, day 2

    Here’s me trying to capture this beautiful energy on my handy flip cam!

    Live at squamish

    Then I heard Metric on stage. Voice of an angel.

    Metric, live at squamishMetric made the crowd happy!

    live at squamish

    Weezer made me even happier…. oh wow! I love Weezer.

    Your so geeky, but so darn cute! (and talented!!)

    weezer, live at squamish,2011

    Here’s a little video compilation of my last 2 days.

    I think it’s safe to say- all of us at “Live at Squamish” had an immaculate time. I hope I can be there next year!!

    live at squamish

    Thanks to Whistler Water for the VIP awesomeness!! Follow Whistler Water on facebook and Whistler Water on TWITTER. Stay up to date with their events, contests and more!

    This girl is off to bed. Monday morning- BRING IT ON! lol


  • Howdie Beautiful creatures!

    I am sure feeling the love today. Why? I don’t really know why. I just feel loved and love for others… TMI? Maybe.

    First love spot of the day (haha) was at Organic Lives on Quebec and 2nd Ave in Vancouver.

    Organic Lives. Vancouver, quebec and 2nd

    Remember last year when I went to that Healthy Living Class at Organic Lives? Which then inspired me to make the Green Shake video?

    Organic Lives. Vancouver, quebec and 2nd

    I feel like I’ve learnt a lot in a year. Last year, when I looked at all these ingredients I had no idea why or what to use them for. Now, I feel so much more connected to this lifestyle, that these foods now make sense and I understand how beneficial it is to stay away from processed foods! (still have tons to learn)

    Organic Lives. Vancouver, quebec and 2nd

    I stepped out of my comfort box a bit and tried a “Red Fire” elixor. Made with beets, ginger, carrots and apple… Not bad at all..My “reward” after the juice was a couple amazing raw vegan macaroons. SCORE.

    Organic Lives. Vancouver, quebec and 2nd

    On Monday it will be 30 days on my Raw Food “challenge”. It was not a challenge. I loved it. It’s fun, easy, I lost at least 5 pounds and I feel RAWSOME. This raw lifestyle will definitely continue on. (I’m never gonna slap a 100% raw label on myself though. I will always try to make the best decisions, but sometimes life happens and I am a smooth operator)

    I picked up some fancy raw croutons, unsweetened coconut, and some sundried tomoatoes.

    Organic Lives. Vancouver, quebec and 2nd

    After Organic Lives, I went to Grouse Mountain to pick up my VIP pass for the Live at Squamish music festival!!!

    Remember a few days back when I entered the VIP blogger contest? -I had to write about why I should go to the music festival… Well I WON!!

    Now, rather than a horribly photoshopped picture of the HD Whistler Water Flip cam, I OWN it - Thank you Universe.

    flip cam, whistler water

    It says to charge it for 5 hours before using… kaaaaaay.

    Other than that today I voiced projects, cleaned up a bit, took dog out, checked mail, dropped off wine to a friend whose birthday is today, got my bangs trimmed, helped Mike edit new Stormtech video….. that’s about it!!!

    Can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings… (getting eyebrows threaded, meeting friend for lunch, going to mall to find concert outfit, NEED to clean more, voice more, wash my make up brushes….) What else? Like Britney says, “Gimme me more, gimme more, gimme mooooore…”

    All my love,


  • Hey guys!

    If you live in BC, I’m sure by now you’ve heard about “Live at Squamish”.

    It’s a 2 day outdoor concert next weekend in Squamish that is jam packed with some amazing bands, (ummm…Weezer…sigh!)

    Live at Squamish poster

    A lot of these acts are just amazing. I would LOVE to see Shane Koyczan live too. He is the slam poetry artist that wowed the world with his “We Are More” poem at the Opening Ceremonies of the Olympics. It gave me goosebumps and maybe even a few tears. I freaking loved it.

    * He did such a good job. I heart Canada. Being a voiceover artist, how I express text and bring words to life is my job- SO watching him breathe so much passion and fire into his words is just so cool.

    I noticed a contest online for being a VIP Blogger at the Squamish Concert. The contest end tomorrow, so I had to think on my toes to answer the skill testing question: “Why would be the best VIP blogger at Live at Squamish?” Isn’t it obvious? haha

    If I win, I get to take a flip cam and record the event!

    And just so you know I LOVE the outdoors.

    Oh, and I’ll make sure I shave too….

    There is a bear that really wants to meet me!!

    I want to be here! ;)

    Beautiful. If I haven’t convinced you enough that I should be a VIP Blogger- watch this:)

    Thanks for checking out this post! Hope your having a great summer and maybe we’ll see you next weekend at the big show:)