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  • Hey Gang!

    What’s shakin this weekend??

    Me, I’ve just been shopping in the JR. section at JC Penny. I know, pretty rad!
    Ok, take a close look at my new neon pink bunnyhug (we call them bunnyhugs where I come from!)

    I know your wondering, WHY are Amanda’s hoodie strings in her ears????

    hoodie buddy
    They are ear buds…oh my…what fun I can have listening to music and audiobooks on my way to pilates and while walking on the beach. When I was little I used to lose my mittens, so I’d need that string attached to the mitts that went through the back of my jacket. Now, this is like the big person version of the mitten string….A hoodie that has ear buds in the strings…

    bunny hug buddy

    This may be more of a high school kid novelty, but I LOVE them:)

    I also got a new pair of really comfy slip ons, since Painter has pretty much destroyed my other 2 pairs of flats that I have with me here… These Rocket Dogs were only $25… Feel like slippers on…

    rocket dogs, neutral

    I took my new shoes and my new sweater on a walk to visit a fellow voiceover artist whom I hadn’t met in person yet. Her name is Lisa Biggs. Guaranteed you have heard her before on your TV. She is the voice on many, many cartoons, animations, commercials, videogames, kids toys, etc. She just voiced a toy dog for Fisher Price, And Hasbro hired her to be the voice of a new Pound Puppy toy coming out next year!

     (btw-doesn’t it look like that fish on the wall is telling me a secret? haha)

    Lisa has even been a character on The Simpsons! She is amazing… I don’t really do character voices or animation, but it was soooo cool chatting with her about the biz. She has been doing it for about 12 years and knows so much about the industry.

    Check her out at

    We went for lunch at a fun mexican restaurant by the beach.

    Can’t wait to hang out again:)

    Earlier today we took Painter to the dog park. I am teaching him to STAY in the back seat when he’s in the truck.

    He’s been doing really good at staying back there! Good boy…

    I don’t think I’ve showed you my little studio set up down here. Pretty cute hey? lol… The curtain comes down when I’m recording.. It looks like some kind of weird green space missle…

    voiceover, home studio

    It’s really doing the trick though. Been keeping busy with a variety of fun, interesting projects. One project I’ve been loving is voicing an on-going course on Global Warming for the University of San Franscisco. I’m totally digging it!

    Oh gosh, I better go.. Painter is crawling on me like a jungle gym.

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend!!!!!

  • Hey! Happy Friday!

    So today was a busy one! I woke up this morning and one of my clients says, “Are you available to record today?” Ummm, “Always!” lol So he sent over a TV commercial for Honda, I voiced it, sent it back and he sent me 4 more commercials! I didn’t even get to the other stuff I meant to voice today. I will have to get caught up tomorrow. I love days like this though…. They are tiring, but exciting.

    Most of the commercials were for Southern States, like Georgia.

    Ok, I have to share….Some bloopers from my day! Being high -energy for hours on end is sure to frazzle one’s brain! haha


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    Mike also made our own version of the “That was Easy” Staples Button….


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    Um ya, he plays that all day long after we finish something…. Never a dull moment….or to many?? lol

    Oh- here is something sooo NOT dull. A rocking band called Falling For Scarlet.

    Yes, my good friend is the lead singer. I have written about her on my blog quite a few times on the blog.

    She was at my Bridal shower/stag thing….

    Here’s us catching up at Starbucks. (me n my brown hair!)

    Here is another coffee date. So funny, she had her pup in her purse the whole time and I didn’t even know until the very end of coffee! Sneaky! Talk about a purse dog! Painter would have jumped on every table and drank everyone’s coffee within moments of arrival!

    ANYWOO, my reason for talking about her is- Her band just released a single called “army of one” and it’s starting to get spun on stations across the globe!
    I invite you to check out her facebook page and “like” it. So we can all say we knew her “when”  Lee’s band

    And here you can check out a sample of the new single:

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    YAY for Lee! Can’t wait to see her live.

    and….Painter can’t wait until another trip to the dog park! His new favorite thing is laying under the water tap.


    We MAY go to the dog park tomorrow, but first things first is something I want to do something for me. Whether it be a jog on the beach, a yoga class, a mani/pedi…or all of the above!

    I hope you too do something for YOU this weekend. Have a really, really great one!

  • Hello!!!!

    Ok, the drama geek in me is about to be released. When you read the title, basically I am trying to say that the voiceover workshop I took today was ON FIRE.. It was THE BOMB….I’m trying to think of whatever tag lines the cool kids are saying these days, but it was dope!

    To be honest, my experience today was like a dream come true. There I was- in a master class, with the guy who coaches Nancy Cartwright! Nancy Cartwright is the voice of Bart Simpson for those of you who don’t know. Here is what Nancy says about Pat as a coach, ”Pat never disappoints. His techniques cover everything the pros in the industry expect you to know – but nobody teaches.”

    Pat Fraley teaches

    Umm, ya, I worked with “Bart Simpson’s” voiceover coach….

    Pat Fraley teaches

    The day was ridiculously beneficial and wonderful to my career as a voiceover artist. I was IN FREAKIN HEAVAN.

    Here’s the voiceover team for the day!! There were 6 of us who were Pat’s students for the day.

    Pat Fraley teaches

    After my workshop, we went to my friend Jo-Anne’s- she was having a party- hence, “The party’s here…”.

    They have a bungalow in Hollywood.. This art on the wall is done by Ryan McCann

    More of Ryan’s amazing art.

    The party was booming (out of respect to others who don’t know me, I didn’t snap their picture- but here is Mike playing a fun bean bag toss game on the front “lawn”… I wouldn’t call is a lawn cause it’s rocks and a big fire pit- but hey- it was soooo cool.

    I heart LA….

    Off to bed with more voice work to do in the am. Then we will hopefully do some shopping. Getting ready for Monday when will we blast out the rest of our awesome Stormtech Videos. I am so excited with the peeps we get to work with!!!

    Happy Saturday Night. It is 11:57 here- so if I post this NOW. It will still be Saturday night. OW OW OW

  • Hi!

    Are you diving into that martini yet???

    Just taking a break now to write my blog of the day.Yep, its been one of those days! I slept in a bit today too, which always seems to throw me off, (and I didn’t workout yet! gasp…but I will)

    I did manage to take a walk and go to the bank with Michael. I waited outside because I didn’t want to take my hat off! haha (dont ya hate that? Take off your glasses, hat, shoes, (k, well not shoes, but do I look like i’m going to rob a bank???) If you look close, behind me, that dude is wearing a hat. The security lady told him to take it off and he did, but as soon as he got inside, he put it back on. She was upset. So I tried to talk to her a bit and brighten her day:)

    I have been working in the studio all day and something funny happened, I usually turn my phone “OFF” when I go in the sound booth, but I forgot to today and during voicing, my phone rang and It scared me so much I almost jumped through the roof. Again, Mike got it on tape since we were in the middle of recording!

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    haha, we got a good laugh outta that one…

    These are my studio “must haves”
    A green apple and cranberry juice to cut out mouth noises, water for hydration, and disgusting throat spray if I feel like torturing myself. (tastes soo bad!)

    Another thing that is making me smile today is this:

    An apartment size dishwasher! WOO HOO. This little guy is my bestest friend in the world! I HIGHLY recommend this if you dont have a dishwasher! Brand is Danby.

    OK, well I cannot wait until we meet again! Thanks for stopping by, have an awesome Friday night!

    Wooo hoooo,
    K one more time..

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    BYE!!!! xoxoxo

    Daily affirmation‎‎”I have the perfect living space.”Louise Hay