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  • Hey!

    Just got back from Grouse Mountain. We were filming/hiking for a Stormtech video that we’re making.

    I normally don’t hike Grouse in my hikers, (It’s light terrain- just steep;) but I felt like a little extra support today. Oh how I love my hikers. They have gotten me through much, including trenching through the rising waters on the West Coast Trail.

    Mike this morning getting his camera gear ready

    Uh oh, the shoot calls for black pants, which Mike doesn’t have…. Quick stop at Walmart for inexpensive black pants!

    walmart pants $10

    Conditions on Grouse were decent. Couldn’t even see the top!grouse grind, february

    Getting the shots we need….

    I’m feeling A LOT better than yesterday. I have ridiculously sensitive skin and I got a skin allergy yesterday that lead me stright to the doctors office…. BOOOO… Not a good day. I missed my triathlon training… Another BOOOO… I know- it was my skin that was messed, I physically probably could have run, but my head and my heart were not in working order… So I stayed home and went to bed super early.

    Oh well… like my coach says- don’t beat yourself up for missing a workout… So I hiked today, tomorrow I am swimming and biking. I also decided to run a HALF MARATHON ON SUNDAY!! WHAT??? YUUUP.  I’m feeling strong and I am just going to do it to finish it, I don’t mind if I even walk part of it. This is not for competing, just for a Sunday Funday!

    OMG another exciting moment in my day- I think my dishwasher fixed itself. OHH YAAA! It was being a jerk- but I think we’re all good now… SMILES AND HIGH FIVES FOR EVERYONE!

    K, I better get going…. still have projects to voice, even though I am BEAT. Maybe I’ll voice tomorrow… maybe sleep now… hmmm….

    Regardless…. thanks so much for stopping by. I truly hope you had a GREAT day! Anything good happen to you today?


  • Yep, that’s right- I just created my own triathlon. Run, Swim and Spa:)

    I woke up at 6:30am, and made it to The Right Shoe by 8am for a 60 minute run with the half marathon group. Nice thing about The Right Shoe is that they have drop in sessions for all of their training sessions, so my friend Jaclyn came and ran with us!

    drop in session at the right shoe

    Jaclyn and I went to high school together. The great thing is- when I see her- I never have to explain myself. Like who I am, what I’m about….The fact that, yes I am crazy, but I have a heart of gold. She just gets me. I see her, give a high five and away we go…

    Jaclyn is thinking about joining my triathlon club… I’m not trying to be pushy or persuasive. But…DO IT!! lol!! YOU WILL LOVE IT!  The first week is the most intimidating, you don’t know anyone, (except me) or how hard it is going to be, etc. After the first week, you get in a groove. You get in a flow and it’s almost like an addiction- a positive one mind you. I crave the training now. My life has never felt more on track than it has in the last 3 weeks. No joke. I feel unstoppable. In my training, my career and my life.

    Jaclyn is an all-star cyclist, so she could teach me a thing or 2…or 3… or 4….

    I heart you Jaclyn and am soo proud of all you’ve accomplished. Career wise, MBA wise, life wise and athletic wise;)

    After our run, I drove home, (I drove to save time because I have a super busy day) put my bathing suit on and went down to my pool for 30 laps. In my schedule game plan, we were to work on drills during the swim, so I incorporated some finger drags and superman flutters.

    Then I jumped in the shower and made my way to The Absolute Spa at Century City. It is my good friend Andrea’s birthday tomorrow, so we started today with a SPA day. Here is a photo of my facebook status

    Yeeeeep! It has been that fun. The strawberries were chocolate covered btw. I think girl spa days are a must. It was such a blast. I had cucumbers on my eyes tooo

    I will get into more details tomorrow. We are on our way to dinner at Coast, I have curlers in my hair and need to get some makeup on.

    Hope your weekend has been great. Talk to you sooon! I heart you!!


  • Sunday… a day to sleep in, relax, pour a Bailey’s and coffee in your pj’s while you lounge around. The most strenuous thing one should do is fluff up your pillows and pour more coffee. SCREEEEECH…RRRRRPPP……STOP RIGHT THERE….. You wanna be a triathlete? No sleeping in for you!!! Get your butt outside and run over for over an hour at 8am in the pouring rain. Here’s me doing some shopping at Costco after getting drenched in the rain
    May as well stretch the ol gams while waiting in line. After Costco we went to Kin’s Market for produce.
    Once I got home, I happily crossed off today on my program

    Wow! 2 full weeks done already! Feeling so good. I am curious as to how my body will feel in 2 months time! Yesterday’s bike was indoors, 75 min.

    Some of the people in my club get together for the bike rides on Saturdays and go outside. Me- I’m not quite ready for that yet. I think next week I will do my long bike outdoors and slowly adjust. Hopefully soon I’ll feel confident enough to do the long rides with the group.

    My bike is not so fancy! lol. I am rocking the mountain bike right now. On Friday night Mike and I went to a meet and greet at Speed Theory. They are a specialty bike shop in Kits and have bikes for everyone from beginner’s to pro’s. (one of the top end bike’s there is $20,000!! wowzers!)

    The owner Jeremy was teaching us the difference between a road bike and a tri bike. They also do custom fitting and the best tune ups in town.

    I like this dream catcher made out of bike parts

    ohhh wetsuits toospeed theory wet suit triathlon

    Compression socks…I have heard of these, but never used them. Have you tried them? Are they worth $55??

    Apparently these helmets make you more aerodynamic.

    triahtlon helmet, aerodynamic

    Lots of accessories to see at Speed Theory.

    The owner Jeremy is extremely kind and uber informative in the cycling world! We had some pizza and some shop talk. Good times.

    I will eventually get a better bike, etc. If you are looking for used tri gear, I heard has some second hand bikes, and of course Speed Theory has everything.

    Ok, day off from training tomorrow, then it’s right into week 3!

    Sending you a triathlon of love, health and happiness…. (in no particular order or distance)

    Happy TRI ing!!!


  • Hello!!

    Happy Friday! Cheers to the weekend:)

    I had a meeting in gastown this am, (for a potential new hosting gig!!)
    So I did a very quick (lol) video update. We were going to do another take- but our battery died.

    Yep, I bike for 75 minutes tomorrow, then a 50 minute run Sunday, and Monday- OFF!

    Have a fantastic weekend! I adore you!!!


  • Me having a big resolutions list is probably not a big surprise to you.. ha..

    I know some real dedicated people out there don’t make New Years Resolutions- because they live their best life continuously and don’t feel the need for a big list of resolutions… I, on the other hand, am a dedicated cat, but I definitely have let things go over the holidays. I find the holidays are a big (happy) interruption…

    Everything gets thrown outta wack and January is a perfect time to reset.  In the last couple years, I’ve hit some major goals for myself (such as becoming full time self employed this year!)
    Why stop there? 2011 is going to be the best year yet. At the end of this year, I want to read over this blog post and say- yup, I did it all. I am not going to post everything on here, but I will share with you the majority of what my resolution list looks like:

    1. Complete another Olympic Distance Triathlon

    2. Complete 2 Sprint Distance Triathlon’s

    3. Do at least one half-marathon, a 10km and hike the West Coast Trail- again!

    4. Follow a Vegan, clean eating diet (as best as I can). Don’t beat me up if you see me eating nachos with cheese at the local pub! lol If you want some tips on getting started on a more plant based diet, I recommend reading this.

    5. Host or guest host a TV show

    6. Voice a major phone system like Telus, A T and T, Rogers…something BIG and recurring. (Or voice any major recurring US or Canadian National Spots!)

    7. Make over 6 figures this year with my creative endeavor$ (voice/hosting/makeup/blog)

    (whether I’m in the scene)

    (or behind the scenes)

    8. Meditate at least once per week.

    9. Continue to inspire as many people as possible and keep putting out positive energy into the universe

    10. Get MARRIED!

    The love of my life proposed at midnight on New Years Eve, I totally didn’t see it coming. I hoped that it wouldn’t be too much longer until he popped the question, but he played it off really well! It was such a perfect night, and a perfect start to 2011!

    What are your resolutions?  I would love to hear what your goals are for this year!! DO SHARE!!

    Don’t be afraid to dream big. YES, we don’t want to set ourselves up for failure, however:

    Dreamers are the saviors of the world.

    Right? And goals are just dreams with deadlines. I don’t always hit my goals at the time I set for that particular goal, however I keep pushing on, because I feel that the person I become in pursuit of my dreams is just as important as achieving the dreams themselves. Shoot for the moon and ya might land among the stars….

    Here’s to 2011!

    I believe in you!


    PS. I am on day 2 of a 3 day juice cleanse. I have been drinking the green shake. I’ll give you an update tomorrow.

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