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  • Hello…hello…helloo…

    How how how
    are are are
    you you you??

    Can you hear me from way down in this cave? (aka sound booth)
    ALMOST DONE the audiobook! I’m looking rather ratty right now due to the hours spent on this project in order to get it into the clients hands in time.
    I did manage to go to Tim’s this morning for a coffee. We did the “Sunday Tim’s Ritual” where we buy a $10 gift card at the coffee shop and leave it behind so that we can buy coffee’s for those behind us in line. Click here to see the video we made explaining it!

    The ironic thing is though- that Mike and I get free coffee from the manager because he likes what we’re doing. It’s so clear… “Give And You Shall Receive”… or “Nature Abhor’s A Vacuum”. Regardless I am grateful…. (Thank you Shenan!)Tim's coffee, roll up the rim

    Roll Up The Rim is almost over… but there are still a few cups left! Did I win???tim horton,

    Ummmm NOPE! “please play again”… OKAY SURE!
    Do you use your teeth or your hands to roll up the rim? I use my teeth… grrrr

    I missed my run with my tri group so I could focus 100% on this project. I looked out the window and saw other running groups going by and I felt like a lonely puppy who just wanted to go outside and play:(
    Oh well, I’ve barely had time to eat today, let alone a 2 hour run. I look forward to tomorrow! It will feel like a big, big, big breath of fresh air!
    I made Mike an omelette and myself this salad..
    I ate pretty much the entire salad while talking on the phone with my momma. She’s good, she’s good… she won the door prize at her clothing party, her boyfriend Richard was out of town and now he’s back… AND she got to hang out with her grandson Jasper today! Good job Grandma!
    (I think his parents want him to like baseball, lol) Isn’t he just precious? LOVE, LOVE, LOVE…

    Also, I’ve been hoping to make Andrea’s Famous Soup today.

    But I think I better wait one more day and get those headphones back on and keep editing.. HOME STRETCH NOW!

    Hope you had a fabulous Sunday! I will talk to you tomorrow!!!


  • Howdie!

    Back into training today after a much needed rest day (monday’s are off training….ahhhh) As nice as it is to have a day off, as soon as I got back in the pool this am- I was ready to rock. It’s crazy how much stronger you can get- even after a week of sticking to a schedule. This picture was me, sitting at my desk, wanting to swim but I had to wait for a client to email me first. So I worked in my bathing suit for an hour or so! haha

    When I got in the pool, someone else was doing laps too. She was a crazy swimmer who didn’t take the hint that -“I’ll stick to this side, you stick to that side.” Oh well, I knew she wouldn’t be down there as long as me. I had 48 laps to do to make 1km!

    It’s not as bad as it sounds though. I make a game out of it. First, I do 8 laps, pat on the back, then I do a set of 20 laps, pat on the back,  Then 10 (POTB) and 10 (POTB) and BAM- 48 laps behind me. Oh and sure enough, I think crazy legs left after about 10 minutes:)

    I really need to learn how to do the flip turn at edge of the pool.

    I have a feeling I would not look so graceful! Here’s a step by step….

    Something to work on:)

    Then at 6pm my group met at The Right Shoe to get geared up for our Tuesday night run.

    Today was drills and strides. After a 15 minute warm up run, we did a series of drills called ABC’s that help runners have better form, posture, agility, etc. I couldn’t find a good video describing these drills on youtube, so I just emailed my coach to see if we could make one!!

    I remember doing abc’s in high school track. My brother is a ridiculously talented runner, he still does these drills all the time. Here he is running a half marathon this summer in Banff.

    My brother still a very competitive runner and if he’s not winning, he’s right up there in the rankings. He always gives it his all during training and actual race time. I have ALWAYS looked up to my brother. When I am in a race or doing something physically hard that I want to stop, I always think- “What would Cory do?” He would NOT give up…

    I know some people think I am nuts with how hard I work at things and life in general, but I swear, I can’t help it- it runs in my family. Growing up, I had 2 extremely hard working, focused and determined brothers I fought to keep up with!

    Cory now lives in Lethbridge. My goal is to be in at least one race with him this season! He just does road races, but it would be great if he started doing triathlons. He would do so well…hint hint brother……

    Well,  I better go stretch the ol calves and head to bed!

    Happy TRI- ing!!!!

  • Happy Friday!!

    Who is ready for the weekend? I know I am! Hopefully I’ll have a bit of time to chill out and not have something I have to do. I have lots of interesting things going on in my head, but I will share them at a later time. I think I am honestly a little burnt out from this week.
    It has been a wonderful start to the new year though. Everything is right on track.

    How about you? Are you on track with your resolutions first week into 2011?

    Here are 5 things I like about today.

    1. The amazing Vegan Walnut Burgers I made. You can make a batch and throw them in the fridge for a quick snack.

    2. Apparently I fell in love with this cherry jam that sat in our fridge forever. I never opened it cause I thought, ahh whatever, boring jam. (It was made by a family friends on Mike‘s side). I have been too busy to make my almond butter this week, so I have been using it on my rice cakes…

    maybe I like it a little too much…. Cheer’s Linda! lol

    3. I like this new  Swimmers Shampoo and Conditioner

    I got it at Sally’s Beauty supply store. $6.99 each. Happens to be 100% vegan too

    4. My new running shoes! I am sorry I was to lazy to take a picture of my actual shoes- but this is a stock photo of the exact same pair.(If you haven’t seen the video yet on my adventure picking out these shoes, click here!! It’s awesome:)

    5. Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer!! It’s heaven sent.

    With all the training I am doing, my workload and my days are just JAM packed! (pardon the pun- see #2) This moisturizer is quick, easy, and provides good coverage.

    So there ya have it! 5 things that made me happy today:)
    What are 5 things that made you happy today? Doesn’t have to be grand- I said JAM!

    I did some strength training today in my gym, I did 2 kinda wimpy sets of the big muscle groups. I wasn’t pushing it  hard at all. I had a 20 minute walk on the treadmill and a 20 minute swim. I was practicing my new techniques:

    -relaxed head
    -kick from hip flexers
    -don’t yank my head out of the water when taking in air

    Stuff like that!

    Have a fabulous evening! I can’t wait until we meet again…Keep going after your dreams and I will too:)


  • Howdy!!

    Monday afternoon already, time flies when you sleep in on your first day back to work! (on days like these, I am lucky I am my own boss, or I would be so fired) – but I’m still mad at myself because sleeping in won’t pay rent!! I couldn’t fall asleep last night though…..

    Back to work reality and getting back into the groove has sunk back in, all is normal again- except for the fact that this diamond ring is still on my finger!! I’m pinching myself!!

    (Oh and Brenda- if you read this- yes I did get Mike’s name tattoo’d on my ring finger:) Way before he decided he wanted to marry me- now THAT is FAITH! haha

    I can’t thank everyone enough for the out pour of congrats and support. Means soo much. xoxo

    Here’s a nice segway to get to the next topic….ring and green shake…..onto green shake…

    Last week I asked who wanted to join me in a 3 day juice cleanse on Jan.1, 2 and 3rd, drinking the amazing green shake for 3 days! I had 5 people sign up (including myself) and 1 person actually followed through like a champion. Her name is Krista Vajgrt. I have been following her on facebook. Some of her status updates were:

    “clean house, learning to quilt later! day one of my green juice fast”

    ” It taste very good! I add an extra banana to mine. I feel awesome! No caffeine for last 2 days either ! Wow!”

    “Day 2 of the green shake fast and feel quite good. drinking tons of water too which is always a good thing”

    “Day 3. and I feel awesome run this am was perfect I think after the 3 day fast I shall drink this green shake daily in the am “

    I have been doing the fast for the past 3 days as well, except yesterday I had some veggie soup and added frozen veggies. Still really healthy, but not a true 3 day warrior like Krista! I am doing good today, but am ready to be done. I do feel AMAZING. Such an incredible way to re train those taste buds and get back to clean eating. The shake is here to stay though. It is SUCH a great booster. I can’t praise it enough. Recipe is here.

    Next natural segway into the next topic…Ok, I don’t have a good segway…

    TRIATHLON training STARTS TOMORROW.  WOAH NELLY. I just got 3 emails from my coach and I am scared to open them…haha just kidding.

    Yes, I’m nervous, but also very excited. Check out this video we made yesterday. I call it


    That was fun. ok…now back to work.

    Hope you are all having an amazing day!

    Daily affirmation- “I bless 2010 with love and look forward to new creations in 2011.” - Louise L. Hay