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  • Hello my dear friend…

    How was your day? Hopefully bright and beautiful. My was really good *except* for having to take my iphone in to get fixed and finding out it would be $150… Such is life… I’ll look at it as an investment in the cell phone repair industry… they gotta make a living too;)

    Onto fun things! Feel like making me smile? If so, then place your vote, letting Whistler Water know which blogger YOU think did the best job covering the Live at Squamish music festival! Just by voting YOU can win some sweet prizes.

    The contest is between myself and 2 other awesome bloggers, I’m not gonna tell you who to vote for- just place a vote no matter what!

    Click on the link to VOTE!


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    Thank you so much if you already have voted. You rock. I love being a part of things like this! This blog is a good platform for cool contests, events and some amazing interviews too.

    Remember my all-star interview with pro model and triathlete Jenny Fletcher? Today I was flipping through Women’s Health Magazine and there was Miss Jenny in her new Oakley ad!

    jenny fletcher womens health magazine, oakley ad

    Good for her. She is amazing.

    I went for a 3.5km run today channeling my inner Jenny Fletcher, but I’m not quiet at her status! ha. I do however have a 10km race this Saturday in Taber, Alberta which I am really looking forward too. Running it with my brother and his wife:) (Mike will be there too, but he is going to be filming.) We are going to make a fun little video at CORN FEST!

    How cool would it be if the race was through a corn maze? (It’s not though)

    Today we had to go out and do a few more shots with one of the Stormtech jackets we are doing a video for. Mike was reviewing the footage I shot because before we can go inside- he needs to know that I was in focus and not to shaky:) Like how I waved HI to you through my shadow?

    Oh, you guys know me…

    Tee hee….

    Painter joined us outside too, but we had to tie the little bugger to a tree. He was chill though.

    I tried to get organized today for our trip (we leave Friday morning), I also wrote out some Thank-you cards to a few of my awesome voiceover clients. It’s something I’ve never done before, but I have been feeling extremely grateful these days and I felt the need to express my thanks.

    Do you send Thank-you cards? Even if you don’t send a card, close your eyes, think about someone you are thankful for and wish them well in your heart. That grateful energy is then out in the universe and it will attract back more things for you to be grateful for! (A little of The SECRET coming through my fingers as I type right now, lol)

    So I’m going to leave on that note today…. I am thankful for you and I hope you take a second to vote.

    THIS BLOG POST TODAY IS  SWAK! (sealed with a kiss)

  • Hello! Happy holiday to those who are not working today!!!!

    Aug. 1….. Moving Day for some, SLOW elevator day for others…Must have sat there and waited for 15 minutes.

    love in an elavator

    I am an adventure athlete that will run 23km by the north pole, but 21 flights of stairs was a stretch.

    frostbite 45

    Today is supposed to be our Tomboy That Wears Makeup Of The Month post, BUT she is a very busy gal and I will post it as soon as I hear from her!!! I saw on facebook today that June’s Feature, Jenny Fletcher is on the cover of Running magazine for September!!! That is so cool!

    I went to the gym today and did elliptical and some weight training. I am running a 10km at the end of August, so I need to get out there and run some miles under my belt. (foot…still lame-o though…)

    We are running the Cornfest Fun Run in Taber, Alberta! My brother and his wife are also doing it with us. Shall be fun! Eat corn after:)

    taber corn fest, alberta

    Last night I dehydrated some kale chips over night and in the morning, we had a Kale Fest!

    best batch of kale chips ever!

    I was so shocked at how well the dehydration feature on my oven works. Amazing.

    dehydrate feature on oven

    Other than admiring Jenny Fletcher and my dehydrator I actually had to work today.

    I voiced that “teenage” spot for isoccer and I did a phone system.

    OHHH, have you watched this video yet????

    Nice hey?? We had cute footage of Painter running around the resort, but it didn’t make the final cut…haha..

    What a guy….

    bug puppy

    Think I’m going to get outside again. It’s a really beautiful evening…. Take care and talk soon! Thanks for being here…..