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    Thursday already, my oh my. Enjoying the NOW. No other time than NOW:) Breath in, breath out….AHHHH, what a great day!

    Sooo, Last night Mike and I went to this “business presentation”. When we walked in, it was like a boom chicka, boom chicka night club. We were like- Where is the presentation part? I’m sure once it got going it was good, (maybe) but I went because I wanted to learn something, not dance. So we left and went to our local pub Checkers, had a beer and talked to my friend Diane who lives in Port Moody and she once again cemented some of the benefits of living in such a beautiful nature filled, mountain and lake a-plenty city….Port Moody sounds good to me… today we are going to look at some places…I will let you know how it goes!

    Then after that, I am going to a showroom opening for a company I work with called Stormtech
    Stortmtech Performance apparel is the bomb. It is the IDEAL clothing if you are at all active. I am a host for the new Stormtech TV channel that is in the works and I am also in the new Fall 2010 catalogue..Woo hooo,

    The jacket I love most from Stormtech is the Xbr4… This jacket keeps you warm and dry at all costs:

    Especially great for Vancouver!

    I did P90Xthis am, so that puts me at day 4! I’ve been feeling really good but my eating needs to shape up a bit..Had beer last night, plus some fries (gasp) why does drinking ALWAYS make you eat bad food??!!!

    I will talk to you tomorrow! Have a great dry and warm day:)

    Daily affirmation“The Universe Is out to do me good.”Louise Hay

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