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  • Hi!

    How’s your week going? Any big plans for the weekend?

    We have company coming this weekend and the Sun Run is Sunday!! I am not running though:( I know, I know. The reason is I was supposed to do my sprint triathlon on Saturday instead, but the race sold out and now I’m not doing anything. (ya snooze ya loose!)

    I am the official cheerleader for the Sun Run.. how about that? I will dress up as a big yellow sun and cheer the Sun Runners!

    When my band was playing at the Rock and Roll Marathon in San Diego, I cheered on the sidelines when we weren’t playing.. See I can still have fun on the sidelines! (I’m going to audition for Bring It On 7!)

    I will be completely honest with you. In the red cup…. champagne and oj- Breakfast of champions!

    We played a few sets, rotating with another band… (notice their drum kit in the other corner)

    ahh, good times. So neat playing music and watching all these marathoners go by. I love the energy of races. They totally pump you up!

    What else is shaking? Today I cut up some kiwi for breakfast.. I bought 4 kiwi’s for $2..

    I don’t normally buy kiwi’s or eat them, so this was a big thing for me today.. (thanks for your support!)

    I also finished reading The Power! Great book. I read the whole thing out loud so I could practice my reading. (I know how to read, lol, I read out loud to practice for my voiceovers) It is a new habit I created. Click here for the scoop on creating new positive habits!

    It went extremely well and I can’t wait to get my next book! Which will be….

    Then I went to Power Vinyasa yoga class at Semperviva. NAMASTE YO.

    Then I went to a magical place!

    And I got some magical stuff

    Looks something like this all spread out

    I have a dream team I am working with tomorrow on our next Stormtech video. We will be testing out the new yoga line. Tomorrow is going to be awesome.

    After I picked up the gear I went to Holly North Makeup supply to get a big natural seafoam sponge and some more of the Ben Nye bronzer.

    Holly North vancouver, makeup studio, supply

    BUT… nothing I wanted was in stock… bummer! So I got disposable mascara wands for my brides

    And some disposable spatula’s which are great for keep things like concealer, lipstick, creme blush or eyeshadows sanitary. Don’t dip with your finger, use these (mainly if you are a makeup artist)

    Like how I took these pictures in my truck, on my jeans! haha

    Oh.. I wanted to mention a HUGE congrats to Svetlana Romanova!! She was December’s Tomboy That Wears Makeup Of The Month. One of her dreams came true…

    She is in the next issue of Oxygen Magazine.. you rock girl (and so do your abs!)

    (She’s the brunette)

    So incredible.


    A great quote from Louise Hay:

    “I am happy to see other people enjoying prosperity. It is a mirror of my own rich abundance.”

    Be happy and supportive of others! It comes back to you!!

    Now I’m home and I’m going to take a minute to decide what is the biggest priority on my to do list…


  • Lets not waste anytime here….

    As I was making a cucumber, tomato, onion, pepita salad

    with goddess dressingI thought to myself… What is the difference between pepitas and pumpkin seeds??

    Maybe your smarter than thou… but I didn’t know. Thanks to google I discovered that…. Pepitas are pumpkin seeds that are shelled

    Pumpkin SeedsFancy shelled pumpkin seeds AKA PepitasHealth benefits of these lil puppies:

    Pumpkin seeds are a very good source of beta carotene, Omega 3, protein, minerals magnesium and manganese, iron, zinc and copper and vitamin K.

    I was sooooo excited to learn that, that I ran downstairs and went on the Eliptical machine and thought of pumpkin seeds the WHOLE TIME. Nothing else. Just Pepitas…

    Okay! On to the next IMPORTANT topic of the day. I need you to do me a favour… Will you watch this video? It is from our Yellowknife adventure. It’s testament that- YOU CAN DO ANYTHING!

    The only limits we have are ones that we place on ourselves!!

    Our next video is going to be on YOGA.. not as adventurous, but I guarantee it will be a smash hit:) We are going to film at Semperviva in Kits! Remember when I did 30 days of yoga in a row there?

    I better run… but I look forward to catching up tomorrow!!
    Amen sisters! Be your own hero…. YOU ARE INCREDIBLE…xoxoxo


  • Alright! This is the first Monday of Spring! That is a goooood thing!

    I am in Yellowknife and it is “warm” temperatures for up North here…but it is still a wee bit chilly;)

    But-cha-know… it’s all good!

    Yesterday…I completed the most challenging trek of my life… (I was debating in my head if the West Coast Trail is harder, or if Frostbite 45 is harder… I’m going to say they are both EXTREMELY challenging…but if you compare one day on the West Coast Trail to one day hiking in the Arctic, the Arctic is harder!)

    Race Day started in the Ski Chalet, getting ready for the big start..Yellowknife, frostbite 45, NWT, winter, spring
    TIP- if you ever use hiking poles, the recommended hight is 3 inches below your armpit. I had to raise these puppies….Yellowknife, frostbite 45, NWT, winter, spring

    Ahhhh, here we are at the start line, weather is -30….. I will hike the first 22.5 km and Mike will hike the last 22.5 km…
    Yellowknife, frostbite 45, NWT, winter, spring
    And away we go!!!
    As soon as I started the race my sunglasses froze to my face…I had to take my sunglasses off…but in orientation they said- DO NOT take your shades off, as the risk of snow blindness was high at this time of year since the reflection off the snow was SOOO bright…scary…But…I carried on…

    I had a head camera on, so we are in the midst of making a video of the whole experience, (which is RAD)

    But in the meantime….I made it to the first check point, by this point I could barely open my eyes! The icicles were so heavy! (Heavier than any fake eyelashes I have ever worn, lol)

    Yellowknife, frostbite 45, NWT, winter, spring

    I was at a check point, so I got to drink some (un-frozen!) water

    I had a quick break here (at km 14.5) and re-fueled, got to say hi to Marianne, Craig and Mike.. I told them of my stories so far… “And then this happened… and then OMG this happened and I was chased by a pack of imaginary wolves and then….”

    Am I going crazy?? Maybe…

    But.. I said goodbye and carried on to complete my last 8km!

    While I went through yonder, Mike was waiting for me to say, “go….hand….” (like in highschool track and field when your in a relay and about to pass the baton)

    And… I finally finished the last 8km and got through my total of 22.5km

    yellowknife, frostbite 45, 2011, NWT

    We did the trade off…

    yellowknife, frostbite 45, 2011, NWT

    and Mike was off to do his 22.5km…

    yellowknife, frostbite 45, 2011, NWT

    While Mike was putting in his distance, my main mission was to get warm!

    yellowknife, frostbite 45, 2011, NWT

    We waited at the check points to make sure Mike made it through, they had tipi’s and tents at the check points that racers could warm up in…..

    yellowknife, frostbite 45, 2011, NWT
    yellowknife, frostbite 45, 2011, NWT

    AND…they had make-shift toilets in the tipi’s….UMMMM, ya, I REALLY, REALLY  had to go while I was waiting in the car.. but “Ummm, I’m okay, I’ll wait…”yellowknife, frostbite 45, 2011, NWT

    8hrs 50 minutes later… Mike crossed the finished line and Team Stormtech finished the race!!yellowknife, frostbite 45, 2011, NWT

    We placed 6th in the team relay! We were soo proud… The race was amazing. We lucked out that there was no major winds. YES, it was cold, but not as bad as it could have been. Would I do it again? In a heart beat!

    Hope all is well in your world! I ADORE YOU. YOU ARE AMAZING.

  • Hey!

    Today when I went for a coffee, I looked around and noticed that

    Spring is starting to SPRUNG!spring at english bay

    Here’s a POEM about MARCH!

    Many reasons to get outside

    A good time to polish off the ‘ol bike

    Runners put away their ear warmers

    Churches leave the doors open during mass

    Handstands are neat and if I could walk on my hands, I would! Just to celebrate SPRING! hee hee

    I had to work for this shot! I almost fell in the pond and I dropped my lens cap in the water and had to fish it out!

    What else? Yesterday I voiced a phone system for a very successful photographer from NYC. Here is me reading just a few of his many credentials…

    Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

    His name is Kevin Michael Reed. Here’s his site.

    Other jobs I’ve been working on today: Discussing initial disclosure forms for a US financial corp, Then I worked on a translation for company in NY and  NOW I’m about to start on A kids game for learning ABC’s!!! FUN- I hope I get a copy of the game so I can send it to my nephew. I say things like “A, A is for Apple! B, B is for Bee, C, C is for Cat”

    Y, Y is for yoga… (haha, not in the script) I was going to go to yoga today…but I think I might just skip it… We are going to the states tomorrow for a night, so I kinda just want to get as much work done as I can… I also just really don’t feel like yoga today… not sure why. I need to do Laundry too….BORING!

    In NON-Boring news, I think I mentioned a while back that I might have a new job working with Stormtech- WELL, it’s official! At least once a month Mike and I will be out in the community (or wilderness) shooting video’s for this incredible outdoor apparel company. The Main headquarters is here in Vancouver., but they have headquarters in China, Sweden, Australia and New Zealand!  I am so honoured to be a part of such a great company!

    Here is the 1st video we completed for them!

    It really is an incredible jacket! I wear it almost everyday! It’s so versatile. We are waiting to find out where our next video will be filmed. It is either going to be here in Vancouver at Harry’s 8km road race OR we may be going to Yellowknife to an event called Frostbite 45. It’s a 45km event in the great White North! (yikes!) The trek is completed by ski’s or snowshoe/foot…

    Y’all know me and my desire for challenge and adventure! I think Frostbite45 would be a great experience. This would be a true test of my viking roots. I just hope it’s warmer temperatures than normal:) I would NOT do the whole race. Mike and I would be a team and each take half. So we would each do 22.5km. Of course I would prefer laying on a white sandy beach, on a tropical Island, with an umbrella drink in hand… BUT I find that I relax and enjoy the luxurious moments in life even more after exploring the extremes! I love a challenge! ROAR!

    I better get back to voicing my ABC’s…talk to you real soon

    What is your cue that spring is in the air?

  • Happy Friday!!!
    Usually weekends don’t feel like weekends to me because I usually work them- but it actually kinda feels like a weekend! This is going to be goood!!

    Today Mike and I had a meeting at Stormtech Performance Apparel. I have done a fair amount of work for them in the past and I am eagerly excited to say- we may continue to do some more work! I have been in their catalogue, voiced their phone system and even did some hosting for them.

    Mike and I have been given the challenge to “test drive” the new Stormtech XBR-1. We are going to go hiking, running and exploring while wearing them in windy and rainy climates and document our thoughts. As soon as we got them home we ripped open the jackets out of the plastic bags- fresh with creases and all. I got the XBR-1 in electric blue:

    Mike got the jacket in Black (I have the Black one too;)

    We picked up our jackets at Stormtech Showroom in Burnaby, BC

    stormtech showroom, burnaby

    Pretty waterfall behind the Reception Area

    Here’s a shot of some of the Stormtech Athletes on the wall. What if I got good enough at triathlons, to be a sponsored athlete? That would be a dream. I have always been obsessed with very athletic people. Maybe because I was always “good” at sports, but never “AMAZING”, I always admired those who had that natural ability. (Like my team mate all through high school- Chelsea Grimson, or my sister in law Nicole, etc)

    stormtech athletes

    Here I am waiting in the reception area. I started reading a National Geographic, but there was some gory pictures of a goat getting worked on by a doctor… Props to you smart people who read NG, but I threw it down and cringed a bit.

    With my new 18 month contract in voiceover work, I will most likely learn a thing or 2! I am voicing/”teaching” 2 subjects! My first module is on plants, and flower and the angiosperm life cycle of plants.

    NEAT-O mosquito!!!

    Well I best be running…. well not running right now…I’m driving to another meeting. 4:45pm is when it starts. Smack dab downtown during rush hour on a Friday. This should be fun….

    Have an AWESOME weekend. I can’t wait until we meet again (how does tomorrow sound??)





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