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  • Hello!!!


    Today Mike and I were working with the lovely Eden from I took the 4 week Feed Life, Starve Cancer series with Eden a couple months back and it was one of the most informative workshops I’ve ever had the privilege to attend.

    Now Eden is whipping up some exciting stuff that she is launching next year. Mike and I were helping out behind the scenes. It’s really fun to be a part of such positive energy.

    Below here we have a Starve Cancer Elixir that consists of Green Tea, Organic Blueberries and Ginger.

    Going to add even more of this stuff into my diet in the new year!

    Have you thought about your resolutions? I actually need to get through my wedding first and then I can sit down and write out my resolutions. It’s one of my favourite things to do. A brand new year full of pure potential is pretty exciting, no matter where you are with your goals.

    Ohhh, I just looked at my last years resolutions!! I must say it went pretty good. I didn’t get to complete a lot of the athletic endeavours because of my damn foot injury, but I am still very happy with the way this year has played out.

    Last NYE, I got engaged and I’m rounding out the year by tying the knot this NYE.

    Here’s a pic from Jan.1 2011

    I wrote this one year ago- but I’m going to paste it again:

    What are your resolutions? I would love to hear what your goals are for this year!! DO SHARE!!

    Don’t be afraid to dream big. YES, we don’t want to set ourselves up for failure, however:

    Dreamers are the saviors of the world.
    Right? And goals are just dreams with deadlines. I don’t always hit my goals at the time I set for that particular goal, however I keep pushing on, because I feel that the person I become in pursuit of my dreams is just as important as achieving the dreams themselves. Shoot for the moon and ya might land among the stars….

    Here’s to 2011! 2012!

    I believe in you!


  • Hello!!

    Tonight was my last Feed Life, Starve Cancer class. I didn’t even get a chance to talk about last week’s class yet and here I am today in my last one.

    It has been such an amazing series and I know all my classmates would say the same. The students was a mix of cancer-survivors, people newly diagnosed with cancer, nutritionists, and people just looking for ways to be proactive and live a healthy, vibrant life (me)

    Here’s the lovely instructor Eden (cancer survivor) telling us some of her favourite books.

    Feed Life Starve Cancer

    Here ya go! (I wanna check out the Crazy Sexy Diet. It just looks fun! Here is the author, Kris Carr’s website)

    Feed Life Starve Cancer!

    Ok, now I really want the book. I just googled her name and she was on Oprah! lol

    Kris Carr

    Cool hey? I love discovering new things. Kris Carr…. my new thing.

    The nice array of veggies we will use in preparing dishes!

    Feed Life Starve Cancer!

    Mmm, I never buy pears, but I think I should start.

    Feed Life Starve Cancer organic lives

    In our lecture Eden talked about how BAD sugar is for our bodies. Processed, refined sugars are ok horrible! That is what cancer cells thrive off.

    Feed Life Starve Cancer organic lives

    I will go into to more detail, once I get some sleep…I HIGHLY recommend the Feed Life, Starve Cancer course!

    For me all the information out there can sometimes be overwhelming, since I’ve started discovering all the facts and truths about nutrition and what we should and shouldn’t do, but I think we sometimes need to pick our battles. If we picked apart every single toxin, free radical, pollutant that could potentially cause disease, we would all be living in a bush way up in a mountain…but then again, there is probably something bad floating around up there, so you’d have to find another planet! It’s good to try to monitor things that we can control (such as diet and lifestyle) but you can’t let it stress you out trying to do be perfect…not possible.

    I rely on pet therapy to get me through!!! haha…just look at this kid! He brought his blue squeekless squeeky. (It used to squeek but he wrecked it!)

    We are training him for the puppy olympics. He is fast!

    And he can jump like a kangaroo! haha… This picture cracks me up, I gotta crop it.

    LOL.Painter airborne!

    Alright, stay tuned! More action, action we want action tomorrow!!!


  • Hey gang!

    I have 2 Tomboy’s of the month lined up now. They will be getting me back the questions soon (I hope;) No worries though, we don’t skip a beat here.

    I am in the middle of a 4 week course called Feed Life, Starve cancer.  “Feed Life Starve Cancer is designed to help you understand how cancer works and how to starve it through food, exercise and the mind body connection.”

    On Tuesday we made elixers with ingredients such as green tea, blueberry and ginger.

    Feed life, starve cancer

    It tasted really good and is chock full of free radical fighting antioxidants.

    Feed life, starve cancer

    Of course there are a lot of components that make up why one would get cancer. (genetics, lifestyle, stress levels, emotional stress, diet) If you’ve ever lost anyone to cancer (which we all have) It’s frustrating to think, “oh ya right, so if my loved one would have just drank green tea they would still be here?”  I don’t know the answer, but I do know that cancer cells thrive off acidity and fermented sugars and  in our body, (things like sugar, processed foods, dairy, meat). So why wouldn’t one TRY (it’s hard, I know) to eliminate or at least cut down on those foods that cancer thrives off?

    Classes are held at Organic Lives

    The classes are lead by holistic nutritionist and cancer survivor Eden Macdonald. She is an amazing gal, extremely passionate, informative and full of knowledge. (she is also the healthy eating initiative at Whole Foods in Vancouver)

    Feed life, starve cancer

    The Feed Life, Starve Cancer Program recommends that you:

    -eating a RAINBOW of fruits and veggies

    -drink lots of water

    -Increase fiber consumption

    -reduce animal products

    -reduce calories

    -do not eat oil (this is a different concept for a lot of raw foodists)

    Here’s a shot of my messy notes. (I sometimes look and my notes and think, was this written by a 5 year old? haha)

    Feed life, starve cancer

    WATERCRESS: the #2 most nutritionally dense food on the planet…

    Feed life, starve cancer

    And KALE: the #1 nutritionally dense food on the planet.

    Feed life, starve cancer

    EAT MORE KALE. We made a Kale salad with the leaves drenched in Avocado rather than oil.

    kale salad

    We also made a few different grain dishes. This one below is Forbidden rice. As a group we participated and came up with what we wanted to add to it.

    ·         Walnuts
    ·         Orange
    ·         Mint

    The theory behind our added ingredients is to always add a fat, acid, sweet, spice and salt to our foods.

    Here are some examples of the 5 tastes to add to every dish to make it taste fab!
    FAT – avocado, walnuts, cashews, hemp seeds, ground flax seeds, olives
    ACID – lime juice, orange juice, red wine, rice wine vinegar, apple cider vinegar
    SALT – sea salt, celery, olives, sundried tomatoes,
    SWEET – fruit juice, fruit vinegars, dried fruit (apricots, peaches, apples, mangoes), apple sauce, berries, carrot or beet juice with fresh herbs and garlic
    SPICE – Fresh and dried herbs (dill, basil, parsley, rocket, cilantro etc) chili peppers, curry powder, ginger, garlic

    *I can’t wait until our next class on Tuesday! If you live in Vancouver, please check out some of the Feedlife classes.

    We are going out with friends tonight, so I gotta get the curlers out of my hair and get ready.


  • Hey!

    So my girlfriend Dee was doing some spring fall cleaning and she handed down some treasures. The shirt, jeans and buddah are all from her! Have you ever had an all girls “swap” clothes party? I have never done it, but I’ve heard of girls who are all roughly the same size, coming together, bringing the clothing and accessories they don’t use anymore and swapping them with each other! Great idea.

    She also gave me a wack load of painting supplies, and canvases- including this monster canvas I will turn into “art”.

    big blank canvas

    Woo hoo. I want to have another painting party like the one we had last Christmas, now that was fun! Somehow the paint ended up on my face! lol (back in the brown hairs days…)

    Speaking of Art, I went to Organic Lives tonight for my first Feed Life Starve Cancer class and I spotted this beautiful mini painting sitting on a ledge. <3 heart!

    organic lives

    My class was AWESOME. The instructor Eden is fantastic. We made some cancer starving elixers…

    This was made of blueberries, green tea and ginger.

    I will tell you more about the class tomorrow, but for more info on classes you can attend here in Vancouver, check out Yes, it’s about starving off cancer from your body, but you don’t have to be a cancer patient to attend. A big majority of the class are people like me, who want to be proactive and learn as much as possible.

    mmm, fresh herbs for some dishes we made.

    After the class I stopped by a lovely couples home because Ms. Thrifty over here, bought some 2nd hand armchairs. They were $60 bucks a piece, came from a loving home, are microfiber so they clean well and I didn’t want to get brand new because of the puppy.

    Painter jumped on them like mad immediately. Imagine if they were the brand new white ones for $500 I was going to get!!! These used ones will be just fine for now! My place is a mess, but I will do some home staging and show you just how nice I can get it to look. We are getting a kitchen table too…soon!

    YAY. Ok… me… bed…now….Shooting in Squamish with Stormtech in the morning and need to be on the road by about 6:30am

    Hope you had a fabulous day. (whatever happened to my afternoon blogging? Gosh its all right before bed these days. I plan on blogging earlier again…)