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  • Howdie!

    Back into training today after a much needed rest day (monday’s are off training….ahhhh) As nice as it is to have a day off, as soon as I got back in the pool this am- I was ready to rock. It’s crazy how much stronger you can get- even after a week of sticking to a schedule. This picture was me, sitting at my desk, wanting to swim but I had to wait for a client to email me first. So I worked in my bathing suit for an hour or so! haha

    When I got in the pool, someone else was doing laps too. She was a crazy swimmer who didn’t take the hint that -“I’ll stick to this side, you stick to that side.” Oh well, I knew she wouldn’t be down there as long as me. I had 48 laps to do to make 1km!

    It’s not as bad as it sounds though. I make a game out of it. First, I do 8 laps, pat on the back, then I do a set of 20 laps, pat on the back,  Then 10 (POTB) and 10 (POTB) and BAM- 48 laps behind me. Oh and sure enough, I think crazy legs left after about 10 minutes:)

    I really need to learn how to do the flip turn at edge of the pool.

    I have a feeling I would not look so graceful! Here’s a step by step….

    Something to work on:)

    Then at 6pm my group met at The Right Shoe to get geared up for our Tuesday night run.

    Today was drills and strides. After a 15 minute warm up run, we did a series of drills called ABC’s that help runners have better form, posture, agility, etc. I couldn’t find a good video describing these drills on youtube, so I just emailed my coach to see if we could make one!!

    I remember doing abc’s in high school track. My brother is a ridiculously talented runner, he still does these drills all the time. Here he is running a half marathon this summer in Banff.

    My brother still a very competitive runner and if he’s not winning, he’s right up there in the rankings. He always gives it his all during training and actual race time. I have ALWAYS looked up to my brother. When I am in a race or doing something physically hard that I want to stop, I always think- “What would Cory do?” He would NOT give up…

    I know some people think I am nuts with how hard I work at things and life in general, but I swear, I can’t help it- it runs in my family. Growing up, I had 2 extremely hard working, focused and determined brothers I fought to keep up with!

    Cory now lives in Lethbridge. My goal is to be in at least one race with him this season! He just does road races, but it would be great if he started doing triathlons. He would do so well…hint hint brother……

    Well,  I better go stretch the ol calves and head to bed!

    Happy TRI- ing!!!!

  • Hello there!

    This is a happy, positive blog, but I briefly have 2 complaints….

    I rushed to Long and McQuade music store last night to get a desk top mic stand before they closed. I got home and opened up the box and it is missing a bunch of pieces….

    Looks like a metal plunger!!  That’s all that was in the box. What the heck am I going to do with that???? GRRRRR

    Then last night, I went to Whole Foods to willingly pay $700 for a head of lettuce just because it is organic and good for me. The cashier put my lettuce at the bottom of the bag and pilled cans and stuff on top. Not only did my $700 lettuce get crushed- on my way to my vehicle the handle ripped off the bag because it was packed too heavy and the groceries fell to the ground…

    Here’s a picture I took when I was still happy and the food was sliding down the belt:)

    food from wholefoods vancouver

    Things in my overstuffed grocery bag:

    very expensive overpriced frozen blueberries, to add to my:
    Steel cut oats
    Amy’s Soup
    Soup Broth to make my own veggie soup….ohhhhh
    frozen veggies (peas, brocoli, spinach)
    chick peas
    black beans
    pitted dates, dried cranberries and nuts to make my own energy bars
    firm tofu
    “crushed lettuce”
    some other veggies
    pirates booty (fun snack)
    rice cakes (I’m gonna make my own almond butter so I need something besides apples to put my butta on!
    Mustard (I wanna make veggie burgers as soon as I have time)

    My first grocery shop of the year was a success. Now…If I can only eat this good all year….lol

    See….now I’m happy…talked through my frustration and we are moving on!

    It is DAY 1 of my triathlon training today. I got 7 downloads from my coach Lara, including my training schedule, hydration and nutrition tips, a breakdown on training zones and intensities- (which will be good, and challenging for me because I only have one intensity level- SLOW.)

    My swim this morning was 4 x 250m at a light intensity. I calculated how far that is in my dinky pool- 48 COMPLETE LAPS! WOAH.

    I did it! 48 laps this morning. Took me about an hour.  (hot pic I know…)

    I am ALSO running today with the club at 6pm, it’s our first run together (we are not wasting ANYTIME getting into this program, lol)

    I will most likely start doing 2 posts per day now. One will be just a regular ol post and the other will be a training diary of some kind. I made a new triathlon training link, so follow along- heck even join in. There is still time!

    After the swim, I came upstairs ravenous- I invented a new shake! I call it:

    48 LAPS

    frozen berries
    frozen spinach
    half of a frozen banana
    Vega Powder
    freshly squeezed lemon and oj

    Blend and Serve!

    Here’s me layering the frozen berries and spinach (first time I have EVER put spinach in a shake)

    Then added half a frozen banana and the Vega

    Next up I squeezed some lemon and OJ into it (you could use any juice- the fresher the better!)

    Add some water and BLEND ER UP And VOILA, the “48 Laps” is ready to inhale!

    It tastes delicious and I feel GREEEAAAAT. (take that Tony the Tiger- Meow!)

    How is your year going so far? Any grocery store shopping adventures?

    I better get onto some work! Hope all is well in your world! Talk sooooooon:)


    Daily affirmation “I release all criticism. I only give out that which I wish to receive in return. My love and acceptance of others is mirrored to me in every moment.” - Louise L. Hay

  • Good morning!

    She’s a nice one out there so far today folks! My older brother Cory and his wife will be here tomorrow and are staying through the weekend. YAY! It is supposed to rain this weekend, but you can never depend on weather these days anyway!! It is constantly changing and we never really know what we’re going to get. When I was a radio DJ people would always get mad because we would read a weather report and then mother nature had a different plan. All us DJs do, is go off what is on the weather channel. We cannot help it if mother nature isn’t cooperating! I found this video of me when I was dj, it was probably recorded it the dead of winter in Saskatchewan. I get a little crazy if I stay inside too long!!

    working hard or hardly working?

    Amanda Sonic | MySpace Music Videos

    So…we hope for clear skies this Thanksgiving weekend, but we’ll see what happens!
    We are going to hit up Grouse mountain this weekend no matter what the weather. I really want to see my brother fly up Grouse. He competed in a lot of runs this summer and in most of them he got 1st, 2nd or 3rd. He mostly runs 5km, 10km, or half marathons.  My brother held many national titles in Track and Field when he was younger, but then he quit running for a number of years. He recently got back into it and he is just as fast as ever. Here he is in a half marathon in Banff. When I run in races, if feel like stopping or giving up, I think in my head, “WWCD?” (What Would Cory Do?) He would fight, he would not give up and push it as hard as he can. (see, we are part viking:) It just shows, no matter how many years go by, if you love something- it’s never to late to get back into it. One thing I have been thinking about getting back into is triathlon’s. Here is a post on the first one I ever did. I might start more serious Tri training in the spring. They are such a feeling of accomplishment and I like the idea of doing all 3 activities. (Run, Bike and Swim). Maybe I can find a good group to join, we’ll see. In the meantime I am committed to P90X for the winter…

    Is there something you love that you are thinking about joining/starting again?

    Enjoy your day!! You are amazing. xoxo

    Daily affirmation,“I am not limited by any past thinking. I joyfully look forward to the future.”- Louise Hay

  • Hey!  How was your weekend? Hope it rocked.

    Yesterday it was The Run For The Cure across Canada and it was a success.

    To get people pumped, it is a tradition that my choir sings at the start line every year.
    Here is Checo guiding us (I love his step ladder! So cute)
    Here is me, trying not to fall off the stage!! haha (doesn’t that color look great on me?;)

    Then my friend Lindsay and I left the stage during the last song and snuck to the front of start line (there was sooo many people)
    I endured some nasty cramps during the race, but I pushed on and came in just under 29 minutes

    At 10am the event was over and we still had the whole day. We went for lunch, sat in the hot tub, went for a nice walk,  got groceries, re wrote out our goals/to-do lists and even managed to fit in Dairy Queen, imagine that!

    I will leave you with a clip of the choir singing one of my favorite songs ever (Higher and Higher by Jackie Wilson) I was running by this point, but here’s the choir in action.
    AHHH, and while we are on the topic of Jackie Wilson and my favorite song, here is an older video of Mike and I- showing our love and appreciation for the tune.

    Hee Hee….Do you have a song that is “your song”?
    Well, I hope you have a wonderful day. If you haven’t “liked” Tomboy on Facebook yet, I would LOVE it if you did…(see box on top right of page) By the sounds of it, in due time I will have products and fun stuff to give away!
    Thanks for your support! Talk soon.

    Daily affirmation-“I love and approve of myself.”- Louise Hay

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