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  • How are you? That big smile looks great on you;)

    I acted on some inspired thought last night and decided to attempt a healthy, yet filling, tasty, unprocessed snack. I got the idea to make these when we were out the other night at a hot spot here in Van called Chill Winstons. We ordered the yam chips with spicy hummus and as soon as it came to the table, I said…”hey I could make that!”

    -Heat your oven to 375

    -Take 2 or 3 yams and put them through your food processor slicer on high (so they are nice and thin)

    -massage the slices in a bit of evoo, sprinkle on some kosher salt and lay them on your baking sheet

    -put them in the oven and bake until crispy (about 50 min), and flip half way through

    Then make the hummus

    -take a can of chic peas,

    -juice from one lemon,

    -1 tablespoons of tahini paste,

    -2 cloves of garlic (or more if you love garlic like me;)

    -throw in some cayenne pepper and franks hot sauce if you like a kick

    Then mix this in your processor for about a minute. be sure and add a bit of water in the mix if you find it’s too thick- (I saw one video on youtube, where the chef added soo much water, but add what looks right to you.)

    They tasted as good as they look!

    soo good and so easy!

    Now, I am NOOOOO cook by any stretch of the imagination, BUT I really am on a mission to eat healthier, wholesome foods. I have already lost a couple pounds:) Just from cutting out sugar, dairy and any other processed crap that has a list of ingredients taller than me!

    Now I need to step the fitness back up. I find with huge projects, I let the fitness slide because I tell myself I need the energy to put into voicing. BUT isn’t it like an unwritten rule, that when you exercise you actually have more energy? So I went for a 10KM run this morning and it just validating that YES, working out is WORTH IT, no matter how busy you are!!

    This is me back from the run, with yet another healthy homemade snack! I made my own Energy Bars!! I will give you the recipe soon!!!!

    consists of dates, walnuts, cranberries and baked bananas!

    Enjoy your day:)

    Do you have a healthy snack you’d like to share? I love new vegan/and or raw food ideas!!!

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