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  • Then Well hello there!

    Jumping in….weeeeeeeee…..

    It’s that time of year when the farmers market is definitely a weekly to-do on my list. Here I have some fresh peas, 1st pick of the season.

    We’re back in Port Moody where the air is crisp, the trees are a plenty and the beauty is bountiful. This is the view from my balcony…. LOVE..


    Do a 180 degree turn and……ACK! This is my other view… Looks like a self assembled homemade scarecrow….but really it’s just Mike‘s hockey gear airing out…. how pleasant.

    Port Moody turned 100 and they had a super fun parade to celebrate. This was Beck’s first parade. He had lots of fun! PS- I haven’t blog in a while and I tried to make a cool collage, but you can barely see the pics…bare with me….
    Beck was in awww.. The dancing girls, the big stuffed bears and those drum-scottish-black-furryhead marching guys….

    So that was Saturday….mixed with me going for a run, doing a bunch of errands, etc….

    Then on Sunday, Beck and I trekked in to dt to meet up with my friend Lee, and watch the DragonBoat Festival in Olympic Village. I felt like such a mom…”My son and I, ventured into downtown from the ‘Burbs”….Yes, I live in the burbs… 

    Its hard to manage a baby, a conversation and take pictures, so this is one of the few I got…


    Then Lee showed us around Olympic Village, MAN is it cool. This is a piece of industrial gear that they turned into art…IMG_3927

    Lee makes the art more valuable. Lee

    We had a great time catching up and Beck was sooooo good. I hit up Whole Foods on the way home.

    This week consists of me starting to workout with Personal Trainer Leigh Brandt. I have more details to come.. Talk soon!!!