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  • HiiiiEE YAW, HiiiiiiEE YAW, HiiiiiEEE YAW…

    That’s how I say hi now… weird eh? Reason being is I have been kicking and chopping and blocking this morning with my P90X !  But really….Hi! Hope you had a great weekend.

    My workouts have been going really well, (hard tho!) I am sticking to the program and am starting to tone up a bit. This is how my first month is looking! Just started the 3rd week;)

    I put the hearts because I am building a stronger heart each and every day! They are also fun to draw <3

    I have been doing a pretty good job at clean unprocessed eating. A few backslides on the weekend (had a few beer, some fries and also Tim Horton had the smile cookies going on…can’t say no to smile cookies:) But today is a new day and I got up early and already made hummus for the week, had some steel cut oats for breakfast.
    Here are some of the veggies I threw into a veggie stir fry last night.

    As many of you know, I am reading the Eat Clean Diet right now. I am about half way done. I am at the section where she talks about eating 5 smaller meals a day, Every 3 hours or so if possible. She is very insistent that you take your own food with you to work and pack it in containers, and then in a cooler. (I actually saw some coolers at Walmart the other day)

    Some of the meals she suggests are:
    - Hummus and veggies
    -apple or banana with natural nut butter or raw unsalted nuts
    -grilled chicken breast with fresh veggies in a whole grain wrap (this is what I make Mike for lunch all the time)
    -Low fat cottage cheese with flax seed, raw nuts and chopped
    -Salad with chick peas
    -brown rice pilaf with flaked salmon and veggies

    If you want to research more on this book/lifestyle, Click here

    It’s a new day, a new week….How can YOU adjust some of your eating habits this week? I wish you all the best and know that if this food loving prairie girl can make these positive adjustments, so can you!

    Have a wonderful HiiiiEEE YAW type of day!

    Daily affirmation “My understanding of life continues to grow. I walk upon this planet safe and secure, always moving forward toward my greater good.”- Louise Hay

    PS, I just want to say thank you to Tarun who has done an exceptional job helping me get this website up and running. Even though his job is done, I have emailed him about things I cannot figure out and he adjusts it with out any problem and I really appreciate it! If you are looking to get your own blog, I highly recommend Tarun from E-Factory. You can find him by search at

  • Hello!!

    Hope you are having a fabulous day!

    I have been working away. Finished day 2 of my P90X! My arms and abs are pretty sore from yesterdays workout, but no pain no gain!

    I am also working on a voiceover project for another translation company (seems to be my thing lately)
    People are interviewed on some videos and I am the English voiceover. Pretty easy work, keep em coming!!

    Yesterday I made some more Kale chips!! Best batch yet. If you want to see the recipe, click here

    I used 2 heads of Kale and the mound on the pan was massive

    I seasoned them with freshly squeezed lemon and pepper.

    Kinda looks like weed hey? but sooo far from it, lol (they did not last long!! So good and so healthy!)

    I want to get into some more recipes……. soon!!

    So this is pretty exciting to me. I have an app that tracks how many countries are following my blog….we are at 21!!

    So cool! In honour of reaching out to 21 countries, I want to share with you a video that Mike and I made for a song we wrote. This video was made during the Vancouver 2010 Olympics. We got as many people as we could from other countries to sing along and participate in our video!

    Here it is..

    YAY! Keep the countries coming! You rock! My definition of blogging is like having your own radio show, except you write instead of speak and you get to choose your own format. I can’t believe I didn’t start sooner!!

    Put a smile on that kisser…. and we’ll talk to you soon!!!

    Daily affirmation“I have unlimited potential. Only good lies before me.”"Louise Hay

  • 13



    Monday madness begins….

    So in yesterdays post, I told you I was going to check out a relationship seminar. I promised I would come back with feedback on the seminar….I can say this….my friends are really good at drawing…..

    amazon women

    rainbows and unicorns

    cool kids at the back of the class...

    Honestly, I had fun because my friends… are…well…funny! But I don’t think we learned much…..

    Moving on to THE PLAN

    Did you read my recent post about making new health and fitness goals? Hopefully you did and you are ready to rock right along with me! Since a new season is among us, it is time to change things up and challenge ourselves.

    I have got my plan!!

    I am going to religiously follow the P90X plan
    I have already watched the first dvd that explains the workouts

    He’s got some bad makeup in the video, lol

    and today I start with the back and shoulders dvd and mark everyday I complete on my P90X calendar:

    This will be completely filled in over the next 3 months!

    I am not really into the P90X eating plan, so I am going to follow eating habits (which I have already been doing)
    in these amazing books:

    Eating Clean and The Thrive Diet ROCK!

    My workouts are going to be done in the early mornings, I want to be done my training by 7am, so I can get ready for auditions. (they start right around 7am) I am also going to incorporate morning jogs once and a while because I love fresh air and nature, it really gets ya going…

    I am doing this for me,  of course, but I also want to inspire you! It is so important to live healthy lives. I have already noticed such a difference on just the few steps I have taken in this positive living direction, and look forward to continuing on..

    Like I wrote in my highschool year book, “Take pride in how far you have come, Have faith in how far you will go.”

    Peace out my brothers and SISTERS….have an awesome day!


    Daily affirmation‎”I trust my inner wisdom.”Louise Hay

  • Hey! How are you?!!

    You should see me this morning, all over the place. I’m going from one computer to the other, in and out of the sound booth, from editing to auditioning, to emailing and back to the blog. I feel like I need to CALM the BEEP down. I find myself getting so many ideas and so many things on the go, sometimes it gets overwhelming. CHILL OUT AMANDA…..One thing at a time….
    I need to get out my day planner, WRITE down all these ideas and to do’s in my head and start at the top of the list and work my way down….

    Amongst everything going on, I am also trying to map out a fitness plan for the winter. While you technically CAN hike all winter, the mornings are way to dark in the trees and I need to get my workouts done first thing…or I somehow let it slip by for the day. I live downtown Vancouver, but ironically we don’t really have a gym close to us. We live way down at the beach, so to get to a gym or yoga studio, it’s quite a trek (I like easy access to workouts…) Last winter, I ran 5km almost every morning, (rain or shine) and I really enjoyed that. HOWEVER, my 80 year old Nana told me a secret this summer. (scroll down to find out….)

    My Nana is in absolute incredible shape and spirits. At weddings you can’t get her off the dance floor, and up until a couple years ago she could still do the splits!! She used to be a famous dancer with The Tiller Girls in England during the war….
    Here are a couple pics of her

    My Nana is on the very left

    headshot of my nana

    Here’s a recent picture of her and grandad:)

    My Nana told me never to “give in” to getting old. She says she still feels like she’s 21!! You know how people start that self talk…”oh I’m to old for that now.” well, if you believe it…YOU ARE!! If you say your old, the universe will respond by letting you “get old”. How old do you feel? I sure don’t feel old, nor will I ever give into it.

    The secret she told me to a strong, lean physical body as we go through life is………….TONING…..KEEPING THOSE MUSCLES FIRM…that’s it!  Now, this is something I NEVER do. I utterly oppose toning exercises, but you know what…I am going to start. See, I can run and hike forever, and I never get toned… I truly do NOT like the firming type exercises, but by golly, I am going to start!!! I am going to commit to toning all winter  (I will never stop running and hiking because I think they are important too. This is why I’ll make a lil game plan and make them all work together)

    Who is in with me? Let’s get in the best shape of our lives. Find a picture of yourself where you felt your most fit and healthy.

    Here are a couple of mine

    look at that leg! lol

    Even right now, I don’t think I am FAT…I just know that I could firm up a bit and squeeze my butt into my skinny jeans once and for all. So what I’ve decided to do is P90X. I have some friends who have ordered it and had success (a friend of my brothers whom I just saw in Sask dropped a bunch of weight and looks amazing)… I just ordered it and will start as soon as it comes in the mail! It’s a 90 day program so it will be perfect, by Christmas time I will be able to drive Santa’s sleigh in a bikini (actually I think I’m going to Vegas for Christmas..but Santa goes to Vegas to right??)

    Is it time for you to set a new goal?

    Daily affirmation“I claim my own power.”Louise Hay