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  • Hey there!

    November 1st. Surgery day. My dooms day.

    I couldn’t sleep last night, kept thinking through things. One thing I thought about was, wether we die young, or live to be 102, life is short. Too short to be fearful to take risks, ask for what you want or worry about what people think. Random late night sleepless thought.

    Pulled up at the Women’s Centre at the Vancouver Hospital.

    leslie diamond center, vancouver hospital

    I was headed to floor 6.

    leslie diamond womens center

    The surgery was crappy. I’m not going to pretend it was hunky dory, cause it was shitty. Even though I am tough and can make it through anything- I don’t wish that upon anyone. My Leep procedure is done, and now any potential cancerous cells are gone from my body. Mike was holding my hand the whole time, and the doctor and nurses were very kind. I am very tired and out of it right now, so perhaps we can expand on it more at a later date. But again, my plea is that you get a yearly pap done. Cervix cancer can be detected well in advance if you get your yearly checkup.

    After the surgery, the nurse said to eat right away and don’t count calories! lol

    Mike and I met our friends Eden and Colin for lunch at Organic Lives.
    Organic Lives

    We sat down right before the lunch rush, this place did get BIZY!

    Organic Lives, Vancouver

    I got the Sicilian Wrap with a ceaser salad. Ah-maze-ing!

    Organic Lives, Sicilian wrap

    For dessert Mike and I shared the “ridiculous” (that’s really it’s name!) And Colin and Eden shared the “OMG” (yup, that’s it’s name too)

    Since I’ve been home I have travelled back and forth from the bed to the couch. This little hellion angel knows when it’s time to pour on his sweetness when I just need some comfort and cuddles.

    Here’s my station today… In between watching some Dog Whisperer re-runs. lol

    Going to bed now! Tomorrow is a new day. Love and light!


  • Hello!!

    Tonight was my last Feed Life, Starve Cancer class. I didn’t even get a chance to talk about last week’s class yet and here I am today in my last one.

    It has been such an amazing series and I know all my classmates would say the same. The students was a mix of cancer-survivors, people newly diagnosed with cancer, nutritionists, and people just looking for ways to be proactive and live a healthy, vibrant life (me)

    Here’s the lovely instructor Eden (cancer survivor) telling us some of her favourite books.

    Feed Life Starve Cancer

    Here ya go! (I wanna check out the Crazy Sexy Diet. It just looks fun! Here is the author, Kris Carr’s website)

    Feed Life Starve Cancer!

    Ok, now I really want the book. I just googled her name and she was on Oprah! lol

    Kris Carr

    Cool hey? I love discovering new things. Kris Carr…. my new thing.

    The nice array of veggies we will use in preparing dishes!

    Feed Life Starve Cancer!

    Mmm, I never buy pears, but I think I should start.

    Feed Life Starve Cancer organic lives

    In our lecture Eden talked about how BAD sugar is for our bodies. Processed, refined sugars are ok horrible! That is what cancer cells thrive off.

    Feed Life Starve Cancer organic lives

    I will go into to more detail, once I get some sleep…I HIGHLY recommend the Feed Life, Starve Cancer course!

    For me all the information out there can sometimes be overwhelming, since I’ve started discovering all the facts and truths about nutrition and what we should and shouldn’t do, but I think we sometimes need to pick our battles. If we picked apart every single toxin, free radical, pollutant that could potentially cause disease, we would all be living in a bush way up in a mountain…but then again, there is probably something bad floating around up there, so you’d have to find another planet! It’s good to try to monitor things that we can control (such as diet and lifestyle) but you can’t let it stress you out trying to do be perfect…not possible.

    I rely on pet therapy to get me through!!! haha…just look at this kid! He brought his blue squeekless squeeky. (It used to squeek but he wrecked it!)

    We are training him for the puppy olympics. He is fast!

    And he can jump like a kangaroo! haha… This picture cracks me up, I gotta crop it.

    LOL.Painter airborne!

    Alright, stay tuned! More action, action we want action tomorrow!!!


  • Hey!

    So my girlfriend Dee was doing some spring fall cleaning and she handed down some treasures. The shirt, jeans and buddah are all from her! Have you ever had an all girls “swap” clothes party? I have never done it, but I’ve heard of girls who are all roughly the same size, coming together, bringing the clothing and accessories they don’t use anymore and swapping them with each other! Great idea.

    She also gave me a wack load of painting supplies, and canvases- including this monster canvas I will turn into “art”.

    big blank canvas

    Woo hoo. I want to have another painting party like the one we had last Christmas, now that was fun! Somehow the paint ended up on my face! lol (back in the brown hairs days…)

    Speaking of Art, I went to Organic Lives tonight for my first Feed Life Starve Cancer class and I spotted this beautiful mini painting sitting on a ledge. <3 heart!

    organic lives

    My class was AWESOME. The instructor Eden is fantastic. We made some cancer starving elixers…

    This was made of blueberries, green tea and ginger.

    I will tell you more about the class tomorrow, but for more info on classes you can attend here in Vancouver, check out Yes, it’s about starving off cancer from your body, but you don’t have to be a cancer patient to attend. A big majority of the class are people like me, who want to be proactive and learn as much as possible.

    mmm, fresh herbs for some dishes we made.

    After the class I stopped by a lovely couples home because Ms. Thrifty over here, bought some 2nd hand armchairs. They were $60 bucks a piece, came from a loving home, are microfiber so they clean well and I didn’t want to get brand new because of the puppy.

    Painter jumped on them like mad immediately. Imagine if they were the brand new white ones for $500 I was going to get!!! These used ones will be just fine for now! My place is a mess, but I will do some home staging and show you just how nice I can get it to look. We are getting a kitchen table too…soon!

    YAY. Ok… me… bed…now….Shooting in Squamish with Stormtech in the morning and need to be on the road by about 6:30am

    Hope you had a fabulous day. (whatever happened to my afternoon blogging? Gosh its all right before bed these days. I plan on blogging earlier again…)

  • Hey friends!

    Hope your having a glorious weekend. I’ve been getting my “raw on”, as I am taking a raw food instructor course.

    Question. Which animal in nature do we most resemble? Dogs? no. Bears? no. Snakes? no. Cougars? no (except I have a bit of cougar in me since Mike is 7 years younger than me…shhh)

    The animal we most resemble is a gorilla. (or chimps, monkeys, etc)

    Gorillas become big, strong, beautiful creatures by eating fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds.

    I believe nature has everything we need to become strong, vibrant, healthy beings. Nature doesn’t supply us with Ritz crackers, cream cheese, or chicken wings. That is not to say that these foods don’t TASTE good, because they do… but the more we can base our diets on the abundant live foods mother nature naturally supplies us with- the better. For the earth and ourselves!

    The transition off cooked foods is freaking hard! Trust me, I am still in the process, but I do know the way I feel on raw foods is like none other, so the closer I can stick to that, GREAT!

    The beauty about raw food is the endless things we can “cook” to make them look and taste like our traditional ways of eating.  I am in the middles of my Raw Food Instructor course and I am LOVING all the things I am learning to prepare to make this transition even easier!

    I didn’t get a chance to take as many pictures as I would have liked to today, but check out this raw pizza we made!!!

    In a nutshell (pun intended) this is how it’s made:

    CRUST:  flax seeds, sprouted buckwheat, red peppers, carrot, celery, garlic..

    CHEDDAR CHEESE: pine nuts, macadamia, sunflower seedsm lemon, garlic, nama shoyo, red pepper…

    MARINARA: tomatos, parsley, dates, etc….

    TOPPINGS: whatever fresh veggies your heart desires.

    Raw food pizza

    We are dehydrating this bad boy overnight, so it will be ready by lunch tomorrow. WOOT WOOT

    We also made raw lasagna…

    Raw food lasagna
    Raw Enchiladas..

    Anyone that knows me, knows my obsession with mexican food…so having a mexican option like this is unreal. With the tortilla shells you can also make chips! Imagine..making your own raw chips with fresh salsa and guacamole… (if only tequila were raw….haha)

    We had fresh lemon and Goji Berries in our water… Goji is known as the “longevity fruit.” Its unique master molecule polysaccharides and powerful antioxidants fight against free radicals that cause damage on the body.

    2 must have items that are now on my shopping list are:

    Coconut Sugar…

    mums coconut sugar

    and Vanilla Bean Powder..
    Another thing I am going to be all about now is Coconut water and then using the “meat” to make coconut cream pie! I promise within the next couple weeks I will do a video on how to break these nut heads open and reap the rewards!

    young coconut water, coconut meat

    As I’m sure you can tell I am inspired. The Raw Food Foundation is great and I am really loving it. The studio is in the heart of Coal Harbour/downtown van.

    It was kind of a rainy day so a perfect day to be inside learning! If you are just learning about Raw Foods and want an amazing place to start… watch this green shake video

    Don’t mind my brown hair….it was a phase… haha

    Thanks for stopping by! Hope I have inspired you in some way. That is why I am here. Love you guys!


  • Hello!!

    Today…. I meant to sleep in but the darn dog woke me up by 7am…grrr.. I mean.. Hi Puppy!

    I was going to stay home and clean and get organized while Mike had a bunch of errands to run downtown, but I decided to tag along and get out of the house…

    He had a meeting on West 6th… OHH, right by Whole Foods…don’t mind if I do.

    I hooked myself up with the salad bar and some macaroons fresh from Organic Lives!

    I enjoyed lunch in the park…

    The last of my awesome salad.

    Then it was Macaroon time. I’m so proud of Organic Lives for growing as a company so fast and getting their product into Whole Foods!

    organic lives macaroons, quebec and 3rd

    Then we headed over to North Van, but spotted our friend Norm shooting a commercial along Georgia St. along the way. Hi NORM!!!

    I had to go to Grouse Mountain to pick up my winnings from the Squamish Music Festival blogging contest through Whistler Water..

    I feel soo blessed. I won a night at the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver, plus dinner at Altitudes, plus more. I am so excited. Thanks to ANYONE that voted for me. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

    While I was there I decided to check out the Wolf Habitat, but the wolves were HIDING! A tourist asked me, “why are you taking pictures of an empty cage?”……….

    I kindly replied, ” I write a blog and I need something to write about!” haha Wolves or no wolves, snap snap!

    Then later on, I took out a new notebook I got at my wedding shower and started to make a new goals list! Starting with 3 months of yoga 3x a week at Kula Yoga here in Port Moody. Y’all know I LOVE making goals, have you written out your goals lately?

    One of my posts a couple days ago I wrote about my wedding shower and how I was asked about what my favourite flower was and how I didn’t know!!!

    Some of you darling readers were not as indecisive as me when it came down to what it your favourite flower:

    Kirstie from Musings of a Happy Life loves Gerberas!

    Ine from The Taeleman’s Blog loves Plumerias!

    Sylvia from Serenity Skin Care LOVES tons of flowers, but in the fall she’s a fan of Mums in Burgundy.

    And last but not least the lovely Brenda from Four Daisies likes……Daisies!!

    Well, I must say, you ladies have inspired me to pay more attention to flowers. The adorable Melissa from Mouth Watering Morsels is with me in not having a favourite flower….YET….

    Thanks for reading Team! Love you all! Talk tomorrow k? OMG ok?! Like’ omg, sounds fab, omg. YES, omg.

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