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  • Hello…hello…helloo…

    How how how
    are are are
    you you you??

    Can you hear me from way down in this cave? (aka sound booth)
    ALMOST DONE the audiobook! I’m looking rather ratty right now due to the hours spent on this project in order to get it into the clients hands in time.
    I did manage to go to Tim’s this morning for a coffee. We did the “Sunday Tim’s Ritual” where we buy a $10 gift card at the coffee shop and leave it behind so that we can buy coffee’s for those behind us in line. Click here to see the video we made explaining it!

    The ironic thing is though- that Mike and I get free coffee from the manager because he likes what we’re doing. It’s so clear… “Give And You Shall Receive”… or “Nature Abhor’s A Vacuum”. Regardless I am grateful…. (Thank you Shenan!)Tim's coffee, roll up the rim

    Roll Up The Rim is almost over… but there are still a few cups left! Did I win???tim horton,

    Ummmm NOPE! “please play again”… OKAY SURE!
    Do you use your teeth or your hands to roll up the rim? I use my teeth… grrrr

    I missed my run with my tri group so I could focus 100% on this project. I looked out the window and saw other running groups going by and I felt like a lonely puppy who just wanted to go outside and play:(
    Oh well, I’ve barely had time to eat today, let alone a 2 hour run. I look forward to tomorrow! It will feel like a big, big, big breath of fresh air!
    I made Mike an omelette and myself this salad..
    I ate pretty much the entire salad while talking on the phone with my momma. She’s good, she’s good… she won the door prize at her clothing party, her boyfriend Richard was out of town and now he’s back… AND she got to hang out with her grandson Jasper today! Good job Grandma!
    (I think his parents want him to like baseball, lol) Isn’t he just precious? LOVE, LOVE, LOVE…

    Also, I’ve been hoping to make Andrea’s Famous Soup today.

    But I think I better wait one more day and get those headphones back on and keep editing.. HOME STRETCH NOW!

    Hope you had a fabulous Sunday! I will talk to you tomorrow!!!


  • Hey there!!!

    How are you? It’s Thursday already? I have lots on my mind today and I don’t really know where to channel my energy. So, through writing this… I have no idea where this post will go.. It is just as much of a mystery to me, as it is you.

    I woke up at 4:45am to go for a swim today with my triathlon club. I really had to PULL and PRY myself out of bed. Momma said there’d be days like these, lol…. However, one I got my butt in the pool and put my head down and started swimming..I WAS FINE. I was in a good space, and I really enjoyed my swim. I swam 1600m today! Thats 1.6km! I know for some of the ironman athletes I swim beside, that is a warmup for them- but for lil ol me- I was EXCITED.

    I never get pictures at the pool- that is my next mission. All I have is this picture I took the first time I swam at this pool

    Our locker room talk was comforting today. I train with some awesome athletes. It was nice hearing that they want days off too sometimes, they don’t always feel like training and that Sunday night swims are hard to squeeze in if you want any kind of a social life.  That said- there is something to be said about the commitment and dedication to something you love. I’m onto week 6 now with the tri club and I am truly enjoying myself. Of course sometimes wine and chocolate are more appealing than an 8am run in the pouring rain…but I believe there is a method to this madness;)

    I was happy that my skin didn’t react in the chlorine! Like I said a couple days ago, I had a skin allergy (on my face) Thank God for makeup or I couldn’t have filmed yesterday! I sent my mom a picture of my face (sans makeup) and she said, “wow- your a trooper, that was really bad, I’m surprised you handled it so well.”

    My medicine (trying to relax and slathering this goop on my face)


    What else? What else? I’ve been doing great with the vegan challenge I’m doing this week. This was my lunch: Amy’s Soup and Ezekiel toast dry.

    ezekiel toast, amy's soup

    I had my “lunch” at 10am. This is what happens when you wake up before 5am!!

    The rest of my day is dedicated to voicing projects. Projects I am working on:

    1. I am working on my India Project (the 18 month job I just got- lots of work- but definitely rewarding)

    2. Just did a voiceover for a Real Estate Gala. It was fun. I voiced the in house announcements like this:

    Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

    3. I am the new voice of Canterbury Coffee! I have to start on their commercials;)

    4. And lastly- reworking some client direction on a voiceover I did for a seminar in Florida-

    Did I tell you I am going to Saskatchewan next week? I’m going to meet my lil nephew Jasper…

    My tired brother Dave and his new son:)

    Everyone in my family is meeting in Sask and we are having a mini “Christmas in February” celebration since we didn’t get to spend it together in Dec. I heard that my AWESOMELY COOL Uncle is going to be there too. Read up on my uncle here. I always get inspired when I hang out with him.

    My last thought of the day. (I think we’ve sifted through a lot of them;) is this: Do you ever just want to pick up and move somewhere? Sometimes I do. I heart, heart, heart Vancouver but sometime I just want to see some place different, go adventure in unchartered territory.. maybe even somewhere warm… (Maybe I just need a HOLIDAY)  hee hee….

    If you could live anywhere, where would it be?

    Talk soooooon




  • Hello!!! Welcome to January 18th!

    Do you ever jump the gun on certain things? I’ve done it twice today. Both things regarding my work. I didn’t get answers right away so I proceeded to email back, asking questions that if I would have waited 2 minutes, I would have the answer to.

    So potentially I have annoyed 2 important people by my impatience. False Start!

    Oh well! Hopefully my charm will smooth over my impatient requests……;)  As Axel would say, ” All we need is just a little patience.”

    Onto my staring problem……..

    His name…Jasper Dale Sellers. His game…capturing my heart. (ohhh sooo sappy I know!)

    I cannot stop thinking about him though.  It’s my brothers son, born yesterday. My little brother is now a dad. I am so proud of him. Jasper has amazing parents.

    Beautiful little family.

    Bundle of JOY…

    Ok- I know babies aren’t some new invention, so I won’t go on and on and on and on and on and on…..(just know how much I love him:)

    I’ve been busy working on updating my voice demo’s. It’s been going good. Had a few jobs today as well. One phone system, and 2 videos. While we were working, Mike says, “I’m so hungry, I can’t even see…” Yikes! Ok! I ran to the kitchen to make us some food. I made him a big omelette and I heated up some leftover brown rice and veggies.

    (I don’t normally have a plant right by my stove, but the pot busted yesterday so we put the plant in a bag and now we need to buy another pot)

    I added a couple falafel’s that we bought at Costco. I know they have preservatives and I should make my own, but it’s a nice quick protein boost.

    veggie patch falafel balls

    I dumped on some salsa and good to go.

    I also made a quick batch of my homemade Lara Bars. I didn’t even cut them up, Just one big pie we can cut off when we want some.

    home made lara bars

    I still have some work to do so I better get going! Hope you are having a wonderful day! I have a tri update coming soon, so come on back! I run with the club tonight and we have a speaker coming to talk to us about mental toughness! ohhh I like it:)

    Here is me swimming my laps this am. (I have to tell you later about my math mess up! I failed Grade 12 math and it is coming to haunt me!! haha)

    beginner triathlon training, in small pool, 20 meters,

    Keep on ROCKIN IN THE FREE WORLD!!!!!!


    Daily affirmation- “I am not limited by any past thinking. I joyfully look forward to the future.” – Louise L. Hay