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  • Hey!!!!

    Hello weekend!  The weekend to me right now means= NO CONSTRUCTION… They thankfully take weekends off. The noise these guys have been making the last couple months is INSANE. I understand, they have a job to get done, but it makes my life (job) difficult!

    construction at english bay

    They remind me of the Doozers from Fragile Rock

    Hee hee, they are ALWAYS out there doing stuff, but they never seem to get anything accomplished!! lol

    What a great show, Fragile Rock was! Loved it!

    Last night I met my friend Amanda for a visit (she happens to own the Award Winning SKN Clinic in Yaletown!)

    While I was waiting for her to finish with a client, I took it upon myself to snap some pics of her clinic. Notice the Inspiration tree on the right. Clients can write their favourite quote or affirmation on a paper leaf and pin it to the tree!

    I couldn’t think of a quote, first one that came to my mind I wrote on my leaf and pinned it up:

    In order to have something you’ve never had, you have to do something you’ve never done!” Ahhh?? Like it??? It’s saying Feel the fear….and do it anyway!

    I like in this pic how you can see the cute lil Buddha past the nice fresh flowers…

    The clinic always has pretty fresh flowers in it!  They were so perfect, I had to ask Amanda if they were real! YUP! Lovely.

    fresh flowers, skn clinic

    Best skin clinic in the city Award!!

    This is Amanda:)This is another Amanda! Hi!

    If you live in Van, check em out at

    We ended up going to Cactus Club in Yaletown, we sat on the patio. There were heaters on and I even had a blanket on my chair to cozy up in… FUN!

    While chatting, Amanda recommended this book the Dynamic Laws of Prosperity

    I definitely wanted to read it. I read via audiobooks, but she suggested this one in hard copy.

    I have been really wanting to get back into meditation/visualizing. This morning when I woke up, I found this music on Youtube. It is a 7 minute piece. I pressed play. I closed my eyes and started visualizing my goals, etc. I am going to do this everyday for 7 minutes. I might find a longer song to use eventually, but I liked the music/length to get into it!

    Try it! Think of a goal you REALLY, REALLY, REALLY WANT. Play this video, close your eyes and just imagine yourself with that goal in mind as already achieved. What are you doing? where are you? Create a scene!

    Have fun! This is one of the way professional athletes train, through visualization. It is very powerful if done on a consistent basis. Let me know how it goes!



  • Me having a big resolutions list is probably not a big surprise to you.. ha..

    I know some real dedicated people out there don’t make New Years Resolutions- because they live their best life continuously and don’t feel the need for a big list of resolutions… I, on the other hand, am a dedicated cat, but I definitely have let things go over the holidays. I find the holidays are a big (happy) interruption…

    Everything gets thrown outta wack and January is a perfect time to reset.  In the last couple years, I’ve hit some major goals for myself (such as becoming full time self employed this year!)
    Why stop there? 2011 is going to be the best year yet. At the end of this year, I want to read over this blog post and say- yup, I did it all. I am not going to post everything on here, but I will share with you the majority of what my resolution list looks like:

    1. Complete another Olympic Distance Triathlon

    2. Complete 2 Sprint Distance Triathlon’s

    3. Do at least one half-marathon, a 10km and hike the West Coast Trail- again!

    4. Follow a Vegan, clean eating diet (as best as I can). Don’t beat me up if you see me eating nachos with cheese at the local pub! lol If you want some tips on getting started on a more plant based diet, I recommend reading this.

    5. Host or guest host a TV show

    6. Voice a major phone system like Telus, A T and T, Rogers…something BIG and recurring. (Or voice any major recurring US or Canadian National Spots!)

    7. Make over 6 figures this year with my creative endeavor$ (voice/hosting/makeup/blog)

    (whether I’m in the scene)

    (or behind the scenes)

    8. Meditate at least once per week.

    9. Continue to inspire as many people as possible and keep putting out positive energy into the universe

    10. Get MARRIED!

    The love of my life proposed at midnight on New Years Eve, I totally didn’t see it coming. I hoped that it wouldn’t be too much longer until he popped the question, but he played it off really well! It was such a perfect night, and a perfect start to 2011!

    What are your resolutions?  I would love to hear what your goals are for this year!! DO SHARE!!

    Don’t be afraid to dream big. YES, we don’t want to set ourselves up for failure, however:

    Dreamers are the saviors of the world.

    Right? And goals are just dreams with deadlines. I don’t always hit my goals at the time I set for that particular goal, however I keep pushing on, because I feel that the person I become in pursuit of my dreams is just as important as achieving the dreams themselves. Shoot for the moon and ya might land among the stars….

    Here’s to 2011!

    I believe in you!


    PS. I am on day 2 of a 3 day juice cleanse. I have been drinking the green shake. I’ll give you an update tomorrow.

  • 13

    Oops, my bad!

    Hey there!!!

    Top of the day ladies and gents!

    What’s happening today? My day has been going well…despite my little mix up this morning. I’ve been telling Andrea for weeks now.”Yo Girl- come check out this meditation- its’s Super cool, think you’ll like it!” So Saturday morning arrives, I pick her up at 8:20am we drive all the way out to Richmond. (me getting lost on the way cuz we were to busy talking about this, among other things)  We finally arrive at the gates of the temple, park, take one step out of the truck. and some lady out of nowhere- walks by us and says “no meditation today, no til end November.” OOOOPS! My bad. At that moment I remembered Dee telling me she thought they might be shutting it down for a couple weeks due to temple construction. It was just like in National Lampoon’s Vacation, when they went to Wally world and it was closed!!(except we didn’t punch anything, we calmly walked through the temple gardens and smiled and laughed at all the little buddha’s everywhere) best thing, We got coffee, went over to her place and had a nice Saturday morning chat. Then I looked at the time. Ahh-10:16, I have yoga at 10:30, so I rushed off to kitsilano, finally found a parking spot and SPRINTED into yoga. They were shutting the door as I was walking in. I hate being late for things like that cuz EVERYONE stares at you. I had to walk through about 50 people, stepping on their mats- “sorry, excuse me, coming through- hey is there any room over there?” The place was so packed I had to put my mat way around the corner!! It was incredibly awkward at first, but once the class started, I really liked my little spot beyond yonder.

    Today was DAY 5 of my 30 day challenge at Semperviva. I am LOVING yoga. It is only day 5 and I am noticing positive changes, body and mind. Have you ever done a Kundalini class before? If they offer this type of yoga near you- check it out. It is such a good workout and energy release. I found a video online that you can download for 8.99 if you don’t have Kundalini where you are. It’s here. There is chanting and mantra’s along with repetitive moves. Be open to it if it is a new thing to you.

    Now going  to go meet up with a friend I haven’t seen in a while, but first I must go mail a package off to my future sister in law. I am sending her THE BEST moisturizer in the world. (she lives in Yellowknife and we need to protect her pretty face from the dry and cold!) I have used this stuff since I was 16 years old. It is inexpensive, works amazing and a must have for sensitive skin like mine!

    It’s about $10 a bottle. You usually have to ask the pharmacist for it. They keep it behind the counter because it is usually dermatologist referred. They also use it as a neutral compound for topical medicine. So you know it won’t irritate your skin! You can find it behind the counter at Costco,London Drugs, and usually Pharmasave.

    Thought of the day (inspired by my yoga teacher) “There are enough mediocre people in the world.” Be different! Be yourself, you don’t need to “fit in”!!! oh..and have fun;)

    Talk to you sooooooooooooooon!! xoxo

    ps. no daily affirmation today..cuz it’s up there^^^^^^^^^^ don’t be mediocre! go kick some ass!

  • Good morning!

    Last day of Sept already! WOW. Any big plans for October? Turning out to be a busy month here.

    Some highlights:

    1.Going to the Golden Brush Art Competition this Saturday Oct.2. If you live in Vancouver, you should come check it out! Info is here

    2. Run for a Cure Breast Cancer Run. If you live in Canada, why not  run too! It’s this Sunday am. Here is the info

    3. My brother and his wife are coming to visit for Thanksgiving!! Click here for info (just kidding)

    4. I’m going to Yellow Knife for a week! My boyfriend is going to shoot a pilot for a reality show for a barbershop and I get to come!

    5. Rider Pride baby! On Halloween a bunch of us are going to the Rider/Lions game her in BC. We will be all decked out in GREEN!

    Here is me getting my face painted by a fan when I used to announce the pre game show at the practice field. Go Riders!

    Yes it is shaping up to be a good month. On top of all this, I continue my P90X. I assure you it is a frikin challenge fitting it all in. BUT I WILL SUCCEED!!!I I will finish this program!

    Another great thing I will be doing this month is more meditation. WOAH…meditation. Seems pretty deep hey?Well… is! My good friend Diana is the one who introduced me to this form of mind clearing. It is such a great tool to help attract the positive things you want into your life as well.
    I found this email that she wrote to me explaining meditation on Sept.28 2007 (almost 3 years to the day!) Here is a blurb of the email…Meditation can be done anywhere. It is hard to do at first. Requires significant practice. Stop doing it for awhile and it can be hard to get centered again. Some of the most pleasant meditation for me is sitting quietly, lotus position in the semi dark with the sound of a fan going. Or a cd with the sound of the ocean. Or just an empty room devoid of sound. Your objective is to quiet the voices, inner voices and chatter of the mind.
    wow, cant believe I still have that email. Now we actually go to a guided meditation at this beautiful buddhist temple in Richmond.

    I’ve only gone a handful of times, but I want to start going more. While I am there I usually feel like Julia Robert’s in Eat Pray Love. The scene where she is sitting there cross legged, trying so hard to clear her mind and a fly keeps landing on her face. She has one eye open and she looks around the room at people who are actually in a deep trance. HA.

    I always feel amazing after though, and I do feel like I have slivers of time where my mind is clear!

    Do you meditate?

    Here is a 15 minute guided Start Your Day Meditation from Debbie Ford. To be honest, her voice annoys me, but if you can get past that, I think this is a great tool to start your day on a positive note. Be warned, it is 15 minutes. You’ll need to sit quietly and focus, so if you have the time, please give this a shot!
    (-Sorry- I had to take the meditation down, it was not working:(

    One of my goals is to make my own start your day meditation. I have the sound booth, Mike can add the music. It is a short term goal, so once I make it, I will post it.

    Have a Beautiful Zen Day!

    Daily affirmation- “I know how to quiet my thoughts.” Louise Hay

  • Good afternoon Sunday Sweets!

    Hope your weekend is going well.

    I met up with a few ladies to go see new flick Eat Pray Love. I have not read the book yet, I feel bad because my friend Diana lent me the book and I left it with my mom in Saskatchewan.  (Dee, I am going to Sask in a couple weeks, so I will grab it!)

    I really enjoyed the movie. The message I got and one that I truly believe is to always follow your heart, no matter how hard it seems at the time to “change” the place you are in, life is to short not too!!

    I cried.. a I normally do at movies. (I cried at the new remake of Karate Kid too, ha)

    Bright and early we met up for brunch. I need to do brunch more often! It is so fun.

    Diana, Andrea, me, Mel, Amy

    During Brunch we started talking about years ago when Diana and I put on a birthday bash. My band played and Diana spun records!  Here’s a blast from the past picture from that show. I can’t believe I still have the handbill. I feel so different now… I feel like I’ve gone to Italy, India, Bali and back (even tho I haven’t, lol)

    Check out our finger cuffs!! They were THE THING at the time!!

    And now, here we are today before going in to watch the movie

    Nowadays, we still enjoy a good rock show, but we’ve also incorporated things into our lives like meditation at Buddhist temples, yoga and Sunday Brunch:)

    Are you going to see Eat Pray Love?