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  • Hey guys!

    If you live in BC, I’m sure by now you’ve heard about “Live at Squamish”.

    It’s a 2 day outdoor concert next weekend in Squamish that is jam packed with some amazing bands, (ummm…Weezer…sigh!)

    Live at Squamish poster

    A lot of these acts are just amazing. I would LOVE to see Shane Koyczan live too. He is the slam poetry artist that wowed the world with his “We Are More” poem at the Opening Ceremonies of the Olympics. It gave me goosebumps and maybe even a few tears. I freaking loved it.

    * He did such a good job. I heart Canada. Being a voiceover artist, how I express text and bring words to life is my job- SO watching him breathe so much passion and fire into his words is just so cool.

    I noticed a contest online for being a VIP Blogger at the Squamish Concert. The contest end tomorrow, so I had to think on my toes to answer the skill testing question: “Why would be the best VIP blogger at Live at Squamish?” Isn’t it obvious? haha

    If I win, I get to take a flip cam and record the event!

    And just so you know I LOVE the outdoors.

    Oh, and I’ll make sure I shave too….

    There is a bear that really wants to meet me!!

    I want to be here! ;)

    Beautiful. If I haven’t convinced you enough that I should be a VIP Blogger- watch this:)

    Thanks for checking out this post! Hope your having a great summer and maybe we’ll see you next weekend at the big show:)


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