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  • Happy Thursday!

    You can always count on Oprah for some inspiration. I picked up the March issue of her magazine from the library. I was intrigued by the cover “De-Clutter your home”. So I got the magazine home, opened it up to the page and the article was gone! Someone had ripped it out. Annoying! So my motivation to clean was gone!  Then yesterday when I was at yoga, I was sitting in the lounge and a book caught my attention. “Zen and your home” (something like that) So I flipped through and it talked about the importance of a clean and organized home. “A clean house is a clean mind”, also with organization comes focus and concentration. It also mentioned to know and use what you have. If you haven’t used it or wore it in the last 6 months,and it doesn’t hold real meaning to you, get rid of it.

    I know this is a tough one for us girls! Our closets are near and dear to our hearts. But if we get rid of things, we can make room for more. Woo hoo.

    So I have decided to start in the bedroom, with the clothes! I have cleared things out quite a few times, but I think I’m in need for another over haul. Maybe this time I’ll be a little less forgiving and actually get rid of stuff I don’t need.

    OMG, here is a pick of some of the clothes I need to go through. What am I getting myself into!!!!

    I will  show you an after as soon as this gets done, which I hope is soon!

    On a side note….I LOVE quinoa. Even plain jane like this with just a veggi bouillon cube in it.

    And last but not least…an update on day 2 of my 7 day challenge. (if you are just tuning in, read post below) I hiked grouse this am. They were filming a tv show on the path. It may have been a reality show. I should have asked one of the camera guys. In the moment I was shy, but then I thought. WHY? Just ask, no big deal…SO because I  was shy to ask, I cannot tell you what show it was…..ANYWAY. Now I am home, I am getting some work done and then I will fulfill my challenge by going to a 2pm yoga class.  Just as much as I want to succeed, I want you to succeed. So thank you for inspiring me, so in turn, I can inspire some of you.

    Here a beautiful pic of the moon my boyfriend took from our apartment the other night.

    So between cleaning out my room and sticking to my challenge, plus my regular work, I have created a busy lil day! I will give you updates soon!!

    Is it time for you to clean out your closet?

    Daily affirmation- “I am willing to change.” Louise Hay

  • Alright! Let’s step this up a notch:)

    I have been locked in a sound booth for about 3 weeks, although I still have work to do, It’s time to squeeze fitness back into my life. I have been eating really well, which is great. (except for yesterday…friends birthday party equals= a few beer and deep fried food…oops:)

    So now the challenge. Starting today I am hiking a local mountain called Grouse, and I am going to a yoga class for 7 days in a row! Hike and yoga everyday for 7 days. I know what my body can handle, and if I just hiked for a week, or just did yoga, it wouldn’t be as big of a challenge. For me, this is a challenge. I completed my first day and I feel great. A bit tired since I was out kinda late last night, but I am ready to give’r. Check out a yoga studio near you, they usually have an amazing introductory deal.For example I paid $20 to give yoga a try at a new place near me.

    What is a challenge to you? We are all at different levels in our fitness. For my friend Lindy, a challenge for her would probably be running 25km a day, for Sequel’s founder Brendan Brazier, he works out 8 hours a day when he is in training mode. However, depending on what level you are at, a challenge could be a 30 minute walk everyday, swimming a few laps before work, doing stairs in your apartment, or going to an aerobics class at your local gym.

    What could you do to challenge yourself for one week? You can do it!!! I find that if I set the bar high for a short amount of time, it is easier to get back in the flow of making it a regular, habitual thing.
    I need to get back in the flow of consistent training, no matter what the day planner looks like. I sleep better, my skin is better, I am happier. Plus, showing ourselves discipline is a huge confidence booster! I heard it takes 21 days to turn something into a habit, so go for 7 and you may keep on rolling from there:)Me hiking this morning

    View from the top-you can almost see my apartment:)

    Looking to the right, again from the top of Grouse

    Then it’s yoga time…check out this move

    wowzers, how do you do that??!!

    I can at least do this move!

    I am getting up at 5:30am to fit this in my schedule. I will be keeping you updated throughout the week.  Let me know how you are doing!!! Start your week when you are ready!!

    Daily affirmation “I trust my inner wisdom”-Louise Hay

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