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  • Hey!

    Happy weekend! I try to drink tea with homemade almond milk during the week, but a couple times a week, I hit up that trendy coffee house, I can’t remember it’s name.. hmmm.. they seem to be doing well though…

    When I go there, lately I have been ordering:

    A Grande, Extra Hot, Unsweetened, Soy, Matcha Green Tea Latte! Geesh, what a mouthful. Please tell me what you order so I don’t feel so demanding! (They DO call me Demanda though… Get it? cause my name is Amanda,….Demanda…or Commanda…)

    green matcha unsweetend tea

    Anywhoo, the latte was good. I drink them way to fast. I was doing makeup today for a friend of a friends wedding. I had to grab her a set of lashes on the way. Although I’m not a fan of the Quo brand, (these were $7.50!) in a pinch they do the trick. I buy quality lashes wholesale from the states for $2. Shoppers is making bank! Remember last wedding I did when I had to get the QUO glue? Ya, that wasn’t fun.

    So I took my coffee, makeup kit and lashes and headed downtown.

    The girls were getting ready at the Fairmont Waterfront Hotel.

    Such an awesome view. You can see the Vancouver convention centre, as well as almost all of Stanley Park in the background.

    We spotted those Wall Street Protesters.

    The girls all looked stunning, just to give them privacy, I didn’t shove my camera in their faces, but just know I did a fantastic job. I am SOOOO happy to say the next time I do makeup at a wedding….will be my own wedding!!!!!

    I was reading some of this wedding book. They say NEVER make your guests pay for anything and we were going to have a dollar bar… hmmmm….I need to land some BIG jobs. I am banking on my new agent….. ha

    I have a few jobs to do, but I am taking the rest of the night off. I can do them tomorrow. Hopefully check out the Coquitlam Farmers Market as well.. I googled it the other day and MY WORD- it is going on until Oct. 30!! I thought it was done by now.. Happy news.

    Coquitlam Farmers market

    I was gone pretty much all day, but I am always sooo excited to come home and see this face…(oh and Mike‘s too;)

    Like a button that one, like a button.

    Day 3 of Bikrams yoga- GOOD! Except next time I will NOT stand by the heater!! Lesson learned.

    What is your Starbucks order????

    Happy Weekend you guys! lots of love, light, happiness and FUN!


  • Ok! LET’S DO THIS!!! “By “this”, I mean BLOG baby BLOG! haha

    Woke up at the crack of dawn to hit up the Coquitlam Farmers Market.

    Apparently, we can’t afford travel coffee mugs, we took our java to go in our regular mugs…. (I must have inherited this from my mother, step foot in her car and she has regular mugs everywhere!)

    coffee in a mug, on the go

    Beckmann Berry Farm. Friendly, check. Fresh produce, check. Tasty, check. Best price at the market? CHECK. 5lb box of blueberries now sit in my freezer:)

    Beckman Berry Farm, Mission

    I took this picture of Beets purely for my own reference… Must eat beets…maybe buy some next time? Anyone have any good RAW beet recipes?

    Raspberries…now you see the few I have left…

    fresh vancouver, raspberries

    And…now ya don’t!

    eating raspbesrries fast

    Your gonna start thinking I’m strictly a food blog, but I’m not. Although, I just happened to attend a “Raw food for Beauty” un-cooking class at Indigo Food Cafe today.

    Upon arriving the cafe was very inviting.

    indigo food cafe, vancouver, lovenaCucumber water. Good for your skin. Drink up buttercup.

    cucumber water for beauty

    Owner of Indigo Food, Lovena Galyide used to be an architect. She discovered Raw Food and became so passionate about it, she quit her job and opened up a raw food cafe in Vancouver on 16th Street. She really knows her stuff too. I am a hard sell, lol, but I was following her every word..

    Indigo Foods Cafe, raw food Vancouver, west 16th

    I was going to pick up this guitar and serenade everyone during the class, but I decided to stay hush.

    indigo food  raw cafe

    LADIES! IF YOU WANT HEALTHY, GLOWING SKIN, incorporate these foods into your diet:

    - Aloe Vera Juice (the yellow leaves taste a trillion times better than the green. But use green for skin!), Nettles, Arugula, Watercress, Burdock Root, Turmeric, Coconut, Cucumbers, Durian, Figs, Hemp Seeds and Oils, Macadamia nuts, Pumpkin Seeds, Radish, Olives, Onion and Papaya.

    The first skin elixor we tasted was orange, papaya and aloe vera juice. Tasty. No issues here.

    aloe vera elixer for beauty

    Add bottled aloe vera juice to your morning juice/shakes if you can’t get aloe vera fresh.

    lily of the desert aloe vera juice

    Another Beauty Tonic. This was made with Burdock power, Apples, and celery. I need to get my hands on some burdock root (not for taste, but for health benefits)

    indido cafe vancouver, green smoothie for skin

    We got into some raw fermentation of coconut. I was not a fan. I know the probiotics are good for you, but I don’t like the taste of fermented coconut, no matter how much agave you add!

    fermented coconut yogurt

    I will start drinking coconut water though… more to come on that!

    Here we have dehydrated kale chips. yum. Remember I used to bake them all the time? I’m not against baking at all, but if they taste just as good dehydrating- why not save some nutrients? So I actually have a batch in my oven (which has a dehydration feature- OMG- score!)

    nutritional yeast dehydrated kale chips

    Add arugula and watercress to your salads!! It is fabulous. Also on our plate was raw falafels (made with pumpkin seed and a million other things, I couldn’t write everything down fast enough- but I still want to get the recipe)

    raw falafel, arugula salad

    Durian. A fruit I hear all about- but never try… These ones were dehydrated. Apparently amazing for skin.


    Again, I learnt a ton today. I am becoming more passionate about raw foods everyday.  Day 7 of my raw food celebration and I am feeling FANTASTIC!!!  At 8pm I still felt the same amount of energy I had when I hopped out of bed this morning. It really is amazing how this lifestyle makes you feel! I can’t wait to continue this…and learn more along the way..

    OK Painter picture of the day… He looks like a sleeping angel sent from heaven… BUT………

    He is TROUBLE IN DISGUISE…  (I’m telling ya!)

    bug puppy
    I love him soooo much though. It hasn’t even been a month and I am so obsessed, so in love.

    How is your long weekend going? I got a voice gig for a “teenager” spot that I will voice tomorrow. Do all these health foods for skin make your voice younger too? Apparently. tee hee

    Talk soon!!! Lots of love and light and beautiful skin!!!

  • Hello!!

    How ya doing???

    Day 2 of my Raw Food “Celebration!” I will get onto how I am feeling about that in a minute-But first off, my big excitement was recording in a studio today that was not my own! (nothing against my beautiful little magical sound booth) but check this place out, Woot Woot.

    I got a gig as a character named “Charlotte” for some animation stuff Telus is doing. There are 5 characters and I am the leader of the pack!

    While I was recording, the producer would play back the other voice talents lines, so I could get a feel for the energy and how to throw my lines out. It would be even cooler if the voice talents were actually there int he room with me, but I am not that big-time….yet;)

    sound kitchen, voiceover

    The owner Paul, was kind enough to give me a tour of the place. Michael Buble recorded his first breakout album here.

    They record a lot of tv and film scores here, as well as musicians. I could really get used to recording here. They say if it all goes well, this spot will be recurring and I will visit it a lot more. I am crossing my fingers! I felt confident in there today. All the years of practice, I actually feel like a pro when I’m recording, like I belong!!!

    sound kitchen vancouver

    After I was done, I went downtown to see a friend I haven’t seen in a looooong time. Her name is Chelsea, she is an occupational therapist and former PRO beach volleyball player. She is spending the summer in Vancouver and it was glorious to catch up with her.

    Check this post out to see her and I in some funny Team Sports Pictures from back in the day.

    One thing I noticed as I was tooling around downtown was the barge for the fireworks at English Bay. Last summer we had a spectacular view of the fireworks from our downtown apartment.

    english bay fireworks

    Everytime the fireworks were on, we had friends over to enjoy them with us!

    This is how craaaazy it was down at the beach. (view from our old apartment!)

    english bay fireworks, celebration of light

    I admit when I saw the barge out in the water, I missed our old apartment, but it’s ok, I am soooooooooo happy with where we are right now.

    Onto Day 2 of my Raw Food Celebration. Going good, going good. The only time I was really needing girth was when I came home from downtown, I needed an IV of Raw foods in me, pronto!

    coquitlam farmers market

    Some of the raw Food I consumed today- 2 bananas for breakfast, brought an apple and a bag of carrots on the road with me, black iced coffee when I met Chelsea, watermelon and cherries when I came home and a big salad for dinner with a whole avocado, sunflower seeds, cucumber, red pepper, tomato, romaine lettuce, and lemon juice and dill as a dressing (I did NOT like the dressing!!!)

    coquitlam farmers market

    I’m excited for the Farmers Market this weekend. Mike and I are going to buy a BOX of peas, among other lush, fresh ripe fruits and veggies! Whewf, I had moments today when I thought, wow this is only day 2- but for the most part it has been easy…One day at a time….

    And tomorrow is looking like another nuts-o day, with a trip to the dentist thrown into the mix as well… Going to clean up a bit around here and get ready for tomorrow.

    I hope everything is going great with you. Thanks for the comments yesterday. I really appreciate the support:) Talk to you soooooooooooooon.


  • Hello!

    Monday June 27th…. What do you think about that? Time flying for you too????

    With summertime among us, it also means Farmer’s Market’s are in full swing! Yesterday when I woke up, I googled which one was closet to me, I jumped in my truck and hit it up!

    coquitlam farmers markets

    It was glorious!! Bluegrass band set the mood..

    coquitlam farmers market

    I was loving the sights of all the fresh organic veggies everywhere!

    coquitlam farmers market

    Leafy greens..

    coquitlam farmers market


    I got a massive bag full….they were gone in an hour….

    I also got a couple cuc’s. It’s nice that they don’t have the saran wrap on them. I’ve made a couple salads now with this stuff and it all tastes soo fresh.

    coquitlam farmers market

    Hello Fresh Bread stand!!!

    coquitlam farmers market

    mmmm, Just what I need to soak up the wine from Saturday night… haha.

    coquitlam farmers market

    I made sure to stop and smell the roses before I left..

    coquitlam farmers marketOkay….You too lil guy…coquitlam farmers market

    You could say I am going to be a LOYAL costumer to this Farmers Market! It is in Coquitlam. Here’s their facebook page!

    It was AWESOME.

    Apart from Farmers Marketing…..GUESS WHAT???

    MY FOOT IS FEELING BETTER! I have gone for 2 runs and 1 hike in the last 4 days. A 7km and a 5km. I also went to a yoga class today and I am feeling really good. I feel like I “am back”. My foot put a damper on things for a bit, but not anymore! I LOVE the outdoors. Running, hiking, walking… ohhhh I missed it…

    Here’s a cellphone panoramic shot Mike put together on our hike:)

    Ok…So tell me….Inspire me….What kind of outdoor adventures/races are you doing this year? I want some ideas….. ;)