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  • Good afternoon (evening by the time this is posted I’m sure…[update: yep, it's now after 8pm]

    I just got back from the dentist. My issue with dentists is an interesting one. Growing up, my mom always worked in a dentist office, (still does) so every time I went, she would be the one who greeted me at reception, held my hand during the whole process and let me RAID the prize drawer afterwards.

    (image source)

    Ha, that kid above was totally me, except I took one of everything! lol

    Now in my adult life, I am a weirdo and don’t like going to the dentist. There is a part of me that always wants my mom to walk in the room while I’m laying back on the chair and hold my hand. I basically don’t even give new offices a chance. I have a preconceived notion that I won’t like it before I even go. (then with the law of attraction in action- the universe gives me that- a bad experience)

    Like a big girl I survived. I got my little dentist “goody bag”.

    dentist goody bag

    Except I HATE sensitive teeth toothpaste. Eeew (anyone want it? lol)

    colgate sensitive teeth toothpaste, dentist sample

    Ha- funny thing was I got home and I still had this metal clip wrapped around my neck! What the??

    clips around neck from dentist

    So I did what anyone would do and made my dog a necklace out of it.

    muk muk necklace

    He’s making a fashion statement, like flava flav with the big clock around his neck, Painter has a big stuffed animal around his neck.

    Yo Yo Yo- New trend!

    flava flav, dog

    This trend was over faster than a New York minute!

    We made up the perfect game to tire him out. Mike and I sit on the grass far away from each other and call out his name and he does sprints back and forth. This game lasts a long time!bug puppy running

    Hee hee, what a guy. He’s so much fun.

    DAY 3 of my raw food challenge!!!! For breakfast I had 2 frozen blended bananas, strawberries and some cinnamon. Today has gone well, some smells of bread and bbq make me melt a bit- but I am feeling good.

    frozen bananas blended

    I also made some of my homemade Lara bars (just dates and almonds this time) and it really hits the spot. Munched on other raw foods, and finished a LONG LONG day with a glass of red wine:)

    I had almost 10 voice jobs today. Very busy and just kept rocking all day. Now I am so beat. Voicing takes a lot of energy. Even if your just narrating. You need the utmost concentration and focus. Constantly giving it everything you got. That is why you CANNOT be in a bad mood and voice something. WON”T WORK! We just tried to voice one last job this evening, but I just couldn’t give it the oomph it needed, so we packed it in.

    Now we are working on the video from our visit to Ocean Spa and Resort. Can’t wait to share it with you!!

    final cut pro

    Ahhhh, Port Moody sunset from my condo…

    Thanks for stopping by today! Much much love and light to you!

    Take care,


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