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  • Hello! How is your Sunday?! Mine is good, swimming through all the work I need to catch up on, but one step at a time….

    It’s great to have our puppy back! We missed him so much. We bought him a bunch of toys to try to win back his love for leaving him for 2 weeks, including this ugly Christmas sweater and toy reindeer!


    Ugly Christmas sweater for my dog

    Here’s the side view, looks a little snug…

    It didn’t seem to bug him though, he was loving his new reindeer.

    Ugly Christmas sweater for my dog

    Oh Pantsies..

    Ugly Christmas sweater for my dog

    Here is a clip of Mike and I talking about how much we missed Painter while on the road. I had my mouth full of Milk Duds and I clearly wasn’t thinking quick on my toes!!!

    Ahh, we think we missed Painter, wait until we have kids!!!

    …Here is my ex bandmate’s son Jude and I making Pumpkin Spice pancakes while in San Francisco. I measured and he poured. We were a good team;)

    Photo taken in San Fran…Love how CLOSE the houses are to each other!!

    After we left, it started raining a bit and we spotted a rainbow…


    I know my site is acting weird lately. Now that I am finally home, I can hopefully get to the bottom of it.

    Well, back to knocking out my to do list…


  • Hey there!

    We woke up in a cloud, how about you?

    Port moody fog

    I just wrote a poem for you:

    “The Port Moody fog faintly flows through fair pine patches” ha

    port moody fog

    This is me, after my 4th day in a row doing Birkram’s Yoga! Here we go again!! (This is my 2nd year in a row doing a 30 day yoga challenge)

    Day 4 of my Bikrams Yoga Challenge

    It’s hard to dress for Hot Yoga, well basically it’s wear as little as you comfortably ¬†feel wearing. Since I choose not to wear the panty looking shorts that some gals sport, I am LOVING these flex yoga shorts from Stormtech. They are the perfect hot yoga shorts.

    stormtech yoga shorts

    I sometime just wear a sports bra on top, or a sports bra and light tank top… I still drip buckets of sweat no matter what I wear though!

    In other headline breaking news, I washed my makeup brushes today. The were a bit muddled from doing makeup for 5 girls yesterday.

    washing makeup brushes

    I dab the brush in a bowl of baby shampoo, then wet it a bit and move the brush back and forth on my hand until I feel it is clean. Then rinse it off in water (I just keep a small stream of warm water running)

    baby shampoo for washing makeup brushes

    Shape them back to the shape they should be in and place them flat to dry, preferably with the tip hanging over the edge.

    washing makeup brushes

    Then I moved on to taking these awesomely ripe bananas (when they are spotty is the best time to consume them because all the hard-to-digest starch has turned into an easily absorbable masterpiece for the body)

    brown bananas

    I peeled them and put them into the freezer to throw into my green smoothie in the morning.

    Remember THIS green shake? Have YOU made it lately?? xo

    Eww, I dislike that old kitchen…. But the shake is a game changer!

    I need to fill this awesome fruit bowl back up (bowl was a gift from my mom- good score hey?). Going to get groceries after yoga in the morning:)

    pier 1 fruit bowl

    Here’s my little fruit cake.

    Hope you guys had a great Sunday. I think this week is going to be outstanding! Keep putting the positive energy and it will keep on coming back!

  • Hello!!!

    How are my favourite peeps doing today? Enjoying the shorter work week??

    Today was a good day at our camp. We pulled out the green screen so I could do an intro video for a client’s website.

    While I was getting ready, Painter snagged my makeup sponge and ran. He ran out on the patio with it and he wouldn’t give it back! SO- I shut the patio door so he could think about what’s he’s done!

    bug puppy

    He didn’t care though, he starred on at me while he chewed up the sponge… I let him back in. I need the Dog Whisperer….and a new sponge :p

    bug puppy

    Painter was mostly good while we worked….even though it’s a family business and he is NOT holding up his duties.

    Brat. Cute.

    The shoot went fairly quick and painless. I couldn’t do it without this man!! He does it all!! (heart him)

    audio production company

    On Thanksgiving I bought a rose because the line ups were so deep with people buying last minute things that I snagged a rose so I could buy my stuff in the flower shop, I wanted to show Mike how much I love and appreciate him.

    “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet”

    When I got a massage last week, the masseuse gave me this sheet with stretches to do at home. I took a look at it and thought, “Or I could just do yoga?”

    stretch or do yoga?

    And that is why my friends, tomorrow I am starting a 30 day HOT yoga CHALLENGE!!! This is becoming an annual thing. I decided to amp it up this year and make it hot.. OW OW

    When you feel yourself getting too comfortable, I believe it’s a good time to shake things up, get out of your comfort zone and grow as a person!

    What can you do to shake up your routine a bit?

    If you need any support, I am here for you!

    See you on the yoga mat…(sweating up a storm)

  • Ola! How are ya?!

    Good day over here, the weather is finally looking like summer! It’s just 3 sleeps until the Warrior Dash in Whistler!

    Mike is training for it.. (honestly he hasn’t been training at all. He went to the gym for the first time in a while) Yep- he’s naturally that fit…not fair!

    In Training for Warrior Dash 2011

    The Warrior Dash goes something like this:

    Crazy hey? I am the Start Line Emcee! I haven’t really Emcee’d anything in a long time, so I am a bit nervous….

    But hey.. Amanda is my name and rocking out in front of people is my game!

    warrior dash emcee

    Even though it’s been about a year since I was on stage, I know I’ll get right into it and flow. I’ve taken centre stage soo much over the years, I’m sure it’s like riding a bike. It’s funny but in the last year most of my “take centre stage” moments have been in a sound booth or in front of a camera- not a crowd.

    I have a few friends going too, so having them around will surely help.

    This little brat is coming too. While Mike races, we’ll leave him in the car, but dogs can hang out for the day, as long as they are leashed. woo hoo

    Oh Painter

    Check out this picture of Painter I took today.

    IS HE:
    A) Yawning?
    B) Possessed by the devil?

    bug puppy yawning, boston terrier/pug

    If you guessed A your right, and if you guessed B…. your right!!!

    These Bear in area signs are good motivation to keep Painter on his leash..

    Port Moody bear in Area
    These signs are right on the paths we walk him everyday.


    Day 10 of the raw challenge! Going great. I bought some hemp seeds ($13, gulp) to add to my shakes.
    Hemp Seeds have ridiculous amounts of protein in them.
    Hemp seeds added to shake

    Like the Mason Jars I am now storing my dried goods in?
    mason jars for storage

    I got 12 of them at Walmart for about $7! Easy access, inexpensive storage centre. (like how I used the avocado to hide the wall plug in? Photography at it’s finest folks!)

    Bed time. Up early to voice at the fancy studio again! WOO HOO-Another Telus spot! My voice needs it’s beauty rest tonight.

    Talk soon!!! Lots of love and light to you!


  • Hey!!!

    I met up with some girlfriends to go for a hike tonight. On the sunniest day we’ve had so far this year, I forget my sunglasses! I jumped in Dee’s car and dug around in her glove box for shades. I didn’t find shades, but I found these sweeeeet baby blue specs….

    blue framed glasses

    We went hiking up in Deep Cove. Gabby (the gorgeous brunette in the middle) and I go WAAAY back and I haven’t seen her in FOREVER. Sooo great to see you girl.

    hiking in deep cove

    Thanks to Dee, Gabby and Erin for the wonderful company. Can’t wait until our next venture! (we want to meet up more frequently for hikes. We all love it)

    deep cove trails, north vancouver

    Look at this cool Bubble Tea shop in Deep Cove that has a choo choo train going through the shop!

    toy train in deep cove cafe

    I also saw my beloved choir -ex-choir, I’m too busy:( singing in the park. It warmed my heart and made me want to cry, listening to them sing those beautiful familiar songs and to hear Checo singing his heart out. ¬†Check out me with the choir here (and also find out how I sang back ups for New Kids On The Block!)

    Day 5 of my Raw Food Celebration!!!!!! Mike and I had a meeting at Starbucks at the mall. I actually survived the food court!!!

    a fresh peach in food court

    He had Taco Time and I ran up to Kin’s Market to get a peach…. Going strong in Raw Food land!!! Woot woot

    peach VS Food Court

    Something not so strong is Painter’s ability to find his bed when he is tired. He looks like a drunk that stumbles home and misses his bed.. haha

    bug puppy

    So I pick him up and kiss his face and put him back in bed and he spreads eagle! haha

    bug pup
    Just love him

    Late post hey? Past my bedtime!! Have a terrific weekend. I am full of energy and ready to rock tomorrow. It’s kind of a work day since I had all last weekend off and next weekend we are away… need to catch up on a few things, but I promise I will relax too!!

    Love and light


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