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    a) It’s Friday

    b) She’s a beautiful day out there!

    c) Life is fantastic

    d) Before we get started… can you make life even more fantastic and “like” this page? THANK YOU!!!!!

    So Far today:

    -listened to


    -read a chapter of The Power out loud to warm up my voice

    -ran 10km around the seawall (here is what the seawall is all about)

    -attempted to make my vegan walnut burgers, but I was in a hurry and I over processed them and they didn’t really stick together, but they still tasted amazing!

    -had a shower and am now about to voice a 60 second commercial


    -film a lil video I’m doing (really short)

    -makeup client at 4pm and maybe yoga tonight, or just chill out again

    Last night was awesome. I SHUT my brain off.

    Ya know how? A couch, a good ol Canadian Hockey game, and Canadian Beer!!

    I also made popcorn
    So good.
    I sat for a good while, but then I got fidgety and had to start doing something.. haha (I guess I’m one of those people that can’t sit too long)
    So I started to clean out my makeup tower. I’m moving… its out with the old.. in with the new..

    BUH BYE! YOU ARE GARBAGE. Thank you for being in my life.. but your done! (It’s hard parting ways with makeup, even if it is expired!)

    I save the MAC containers for the “Back 2 MAC” program (Save 6 containers and get a free lipstick or gloss of your choice)Back to Mac
    What? Only 5?? Trust me.. I have another stash of empties somewhere! I’m ready for a free lipstick:)

    Our sunset was amazing last night. Port Moody… I hope you can compete with this beauty! haha…

    It will be hard to say goodbye to the West End, but I am so excited for a change and I keep dreaming of my new space.. May 1, May 1, May 1!!
    Here’s more pictures of our new home!

    YESS! Soo.. what do you have planned this weekend??? I hope you have a great one.

    ‎”Joy is what happens to us when we allow ourselves to recognize how good things really are.” ~Marianne Williamson



    Thank you soooooo much for stopping by.

  • Hello there gorgeous!

    My, my it’s nice to have you here today.

    So much going on. As may of you know, I am in Yellowknife. (I leave today) however, If I didn’t come here this weekend I would have been running Harry’s 8km (it’s a cross Canada race to raise money for prostate cancer).Harry's 8km vancouver
    I obviously didn’t get a chance to run it, but my team mate/friend Kelli from my triathlon group ran it and here is what she said…

    “The day was beautiful – probably the sunniest and warmest so far this year, very fitting for a SPRING run-off.
    I ran into the rest of the Right Shoe group and together we warmed up with a 10 minute run, followed by ABC’s and strides. As with most runs, there were a lot of crazy costumes and teams dedicated to loved ones. I only got one photo around the 5K mark of the sea wall – what a beautiful run. I don’t get to run the sea wall very often so it was nice.
    The run was actually quite tough for me though I’m not sure why. I tried to keep thinking of my dad who just recently became a survivor of prostate cancer and at the end of the race, I definitely was sending him love for getting me to the finish line!”

    Here is a couple of Kelli’s pictures from the event!
    Give prostate cancer the finger!!

    Harry's 8km vancouver

    Some of The Right Shoe athletes warming up doing drills and strides..

    Harry's 8km vancouver

    Such a beautiful day!

    Harry's 8km vancouver

    Good job Kelli! I’m so proud of you young lady! Big Love to your dad! Harry's 8km vancouver
    A big YAY to all those who ran… The Right Shoe athletes included;)

    Also big props to my brother Cory, his wife, his sister-in-law Carla and his father-in-law who ran in the 24th annual Midnight Run in Lethbridge this weekend. Cory and his wife made a goal to run one race a month for the entire year (sweet!) They all had a great time and my super hero brother placed 9th over all (out of over 1700 runners) and placed 2nd in his age category! Way to go bro- YOU ARE MY INSPIRATION!

    That picture was from a different race, but it’s all I had…lol
    In the interim, I have been recovering from Frostbite 45 by spending MORE time in the cold!
    Getting suited up

    How about some snowmobiling?

    Looking pretty bad a$$ hey? haha

    Mike was in all his glory!

    Go Marianne!
    Thanks for taking us out Craig!

    Also did some snowshoeing

    Hardcore Arctic Explorers

    Feel the burn!

    I was running for this…. a beer at the end of a fun filled day outside… Looking good Marianne!

    I actually just got home. I was supposed to go run tonight but we are getting caught up on some work. Time to make our killer video and also get back into the groove with voiceovers, training, and attracting more wonderful experiences into this life!
    I hope all is going great with you! Vancouver sure is beautiful tonight…

    Thanks for stopping by;)

  • Hey!

    We just got back from the US. It was a great trip, but it went by waay to fast! I got my hair done though, and once again I am super happy with it.  (Ashley at Silhouettes in Bellingham) I don’t like when my hair is flat and straight- like in this picture (I prefer it to have more body and oomph- but I like the colour)

    We really didn’t buy much. We each got a new pair of shoes, I know, I got boots in spring, but it’s still cooler temps here and I figured I can where these Steve Maddens with shorts, skirts, whatever

    We got some Beer! dos equis, bellingham

    So got some sponge curlers… (I sleep in these sometimes and your good to go in the am- I might be the only non-child that still uses these, but stop a good thing?)

    New running shortschampion running shorts, blue

    And some inexpensive cosmetics…I figured I’ll add these into my palette since they have a magnetic backingrefills for eyeshadow palette

    AND THEN, we went to Trader Joe’s to fill up on dryed goods (nuts, beans, chickpeas, etc)
    Since it’s confirmed we are doing Frostbite 45, I am going to make some granola bars and energy bars next weekend! I haven’t been as dedicated to my triathlon training the last couple days, but I am ready to get back into the game!

    Our border crossing was a breeze…on the way across the border, the officer was asking Mike, “Where his lip ring went?” UMMM, he just took it out, he was over it.. (Is that a good enough answer?)
    remove your lip ring

    Alright… guess what I am doing? YUP-going to bed! We are just editing some voice files and then I am out like a light!

    Hope you had a good day! Talk soon!


  • Hey!!

    So…Mike and I are down South… by down South, I mean Bellingham…so not the deeeep South, but South to us Canucks! (I said South A LOT in that sentence.)
    Here is a glimpse at our day

    After I did makeup for Ravy from the Bombay Brow Bar, Mike and I packed up and headed for the border…
    border crossing
    Yay! made it across and immediately took advantage of the inexpensive gas! I stay warm and dry- Mike is not so lucky!
    Life is GOOOOD

    Then we had a dilemna… dairy….or beer… we went for beer!

    We checked into our 5 star luxury resort….rodeway inn bellingham
    (hee hee, it’s a fine place. $54 at!)
    Oh and guess what??? As soon as we got here… We had work to do!
    Our internet wasn’t working so I had to go to the lobby and talk with front desk..
    AND….we got our work done! We did some shopping! We went for mexican food!

    AAAANNNDD…We found out that we ARE INDEED going to Frostbite 45 in Yellowknife! (It’s an ultra marathon happening Mar.19. I can’t wait!)

    k… now I am BEAT…time for bed… I’m getting my hair done in the am! YAY! Now I rest…


  • Hello!

    I’ve been feeling a bit nostalgic of “back in the day”. Anyone else remember those carefree days? The most important things to me “back then” were:

    -how much tip money I made so I could blow it on clothes and beer

    -where my next “gig” was and what I was going to wear

    -where’s the party tonight?

    Here is a picture of me and my friend Marq. Us on stage a while back;)

    Now I’m still not “Mrs. Responsibility” (Mike pays the bills, takes care of accounting, benefits, rent, etc) I’m kinda still a kid in that aspect… However the “Now me” thinks about things like:

    -how much money I earn and where we can invest it

    -how can I set up passive income streams so I can achieve financial freedom

    -my kitchen is to small, we need a bigger kitchen so I can cook more

    DID I REALLY JUST SAY THAT??! YUP… The “Now Me” in our SUV.

    I wouldn’t change anything though. I’m super happy and grateful with how my life is going. Ya just can’t help but miss “the good ‘ol days” sometimes;)

    Let’s go back to yesterday, but by “yesterday’ I mean feb.5… It was a nice morning and I took a few pictures as we walked to Tim’s and got our Saturday coffee.

    Mike sitting on a bench, with the construction zone behind him…


    Our apartment (view from the beach)

    beach towers, beach ave, 1600 beach ave

    pretty lil flowers still grow in the winter here

    I went whale watching, OMG- I SAW A TALE!!! woo hoo

    whale tale, carved, wood,

    Fast forward to today. LIKE NOW… I just went for a run in the pouring rain with my club, went for a quick swim and am now drinking this

    Healthy goodness to counterbalance the beer and goodies I’ll be having at the Superbowl gathering we are going to;)

    But first- I need to voice 35 pages for my new job.  I will leave you with this video..

    Hearts and kisses and love and butterflies! Have an awesome footbally afternoon!