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  • Holla!!

    So this weekend it was absolutely pouring in Vancouver, but Mike and I were headed to the Sunshine coast… It’s gotta be sunny there, right?


    Sure enough, one short ferry ride away and we were in the most bountiful serene location with nothin but sunshine…

    Mike was filming a wedding, it was my thought to go to the coast and just unplug from everything. Just get away and try to totally relax…

    We had lunch at a cafe called Wheatberries Cafe. The bread they make is AMAZING…

    wheatberries cafe, Sechelt

    Pretty good cookie too:)

    wheatberries cafe, sechel, bc

    Sechelt, BC (where we were) is the home of Holy Crap cereal. I remember I took this picture as a joke of this cereal, A) because of the name, B) Because of the price- it was $12.99 a bag) But recently, I saw this stuff on Dragon’s Den and I learnt what a big hit it is. I just may have to try it. We saw the factory right in this really small town. A true success story!

    Holy Crap cereal

    When Mike took off to the wedding, I spent a lot of time laying on the beach, (I spent as little time in the motel room as possible- it was ghetto!!! But then I decided to paint my nails. I don’t have a nursery to paint blue right now, so I did my nails in honor of my son instead!

    blue nail polish

    I’m now 22 weeks pregs. Things are going pretty well. I’ve had more appointments for this and that. I wonder if I wasn’t self-employed, I might have been fired by now with all my appointments. Also- I feel super blessed for the medical system we have because my pregnancy probably would have costed like $20,000+ in just the first 5 months! But everything is looking up now. I am coastin on easy street for the rest of the pregnancy.

    At the Women’s Hospital I saw this little incubator. First time I saw a real one in person. Tugged at my heart strings. It was a donation box for babies who need extra help, I gave a donation and a prayer to any babies that may need the help.

    BC womens hospital, Vancouver

    My new “motto” for the pregnancy is “Live and Let God”.

    We are busy packing and getting ready for a move. Less than a week now- As you can imagine, it’s a bit nutty, but I’ll keep ya posted!!!

    Love and light and bright beautiful sunhine