Happy Weekend!

I met my nephew tonight! I cried, lol.. My brother says, “I thought the baby is supposed to cry..”

His name is Jasper, he is incredibly precious and LOVED!

Auntie and Nephew

It is so much fun having such a sweet, handsome, beautiful new member of the family!

Ahhh lil Jasper Rocks my world! Jasper’s hair is red, so his grandma got some red streaks in her hair for her little grandson!

Last night Mike and I went by the place where we first met… Moxies in Regina! I used to live in the Sandman right behind Moxies. They have really nice condos in the hotel.
Our last night in Regina Mike and his sister played toy cars for hours… It was pretty endearing.
I have never seen 2 people so into playing remote control cars! I swear- they did this for HOURS…

They went through 2 sets of batteries and had really cool obstacle courses set up…

OK- My mom just made a chocolate fondue… so I am going to go now. I DID NOT work out today but am hitting the gym tomorrow with my sister-in-law…



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  1. Rilla on 19 Feb 2011

    Schurkos are odd that way ;) you gotta love’em!!

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