Monday June 27th…. What do you think about that? Time flying for you too????

With summertime among us, it also means Farmer’s Market’s are in full swing! Yesterday when I woke up, I googled which one was closet to me, I jumped in my truck and hit it up!

coquitlam farmers markets

It was glorious!! Bluegrass band set the mood..

coquitlam farmers market

I was loving the sights of all the fresh organic veggies everywhere!

coquitlam farmers market

Leafy greens..

coquitlam farmers market


I got a massive bag full….they were gone in an hour….

I also got a couple cuc’s. It’s nice that they don’t have the saran wrap on them. I’ve made a couple salads now with this stuff and it all tastes soo fresh.

coquitlam farmers market

Hello Fresh Bread stand!!!

coquitlam farmers market

mmmm, Just what I need to soak up the wine from Saturday night… haha.

coquitlam farmers market

I made sure to stop and smell the roses before I left..

coquitlam farmers marketOkay….You too lil guy…coquitlam farmers market

You could say I am going to be a LOYAL costumer to this Farmers Market! It is in Coquitlam. Here’s theirĀ facebook page!


Apart from Farmers Marketing…..GUESS WHAT???

MY FOOT IS FEELING BETTER! I have gone for 2 runs and 1 hike in the last 4 days. A 7km and a 5km. I also went to a yoga class today and I am feeling really good. I feel like I “am back”. My foot put a damper on things for a bit, but not anymore! I LOVE the outdoors. Running, hiking, walking… ohhhh I missed it…

Here’s a cellphone panoramic shot Mike put together on our hike:)

Ok…So tell me….Inspire me….What kind of outdoor adventures/races are you doing this year? I want some ideas….. ;)


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  1. Amanda L on 04 Jul 2011

    Those peas are my favorite too! I’ll eat them like potato chips, Nom Nom Nom!

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