What a nice day out there. So refreshing. Hope you’ve had a lovely weekend!

The highlight of my weekend was last night. I attended “Summer Sizzle” which was a fundraiser for the Dr. Peter Aids Foundation which is based here in Vancouver.

My friend Diana invited me. She works for Canterbury Coffee and they are the official java and tea supplier for the Dr. Peter Aids Foundation, hence our entrance to the event.

Here’s Dee looking lovely (I’m obsessed with her shoes. She just got them at Holt Renfrew, they are by House of Harlow (Nicole Ritchie’s line)

Canterbury coffee, Dr. Peter Foundation


The fundraiser just happened to be held at Pamela Masik’s studio. She is a well known artist and her work is soooo amazing. She had a bunch of rooms throughout the studio that had different themes going on, and it all tells a story. This exhibit is a MUST SEE. If you live in Vancouver, go to masik.ca for info!

pamela masik

This nest was on a sculpted head, I loved the clock face with broken egg shells underneath.

pamela masik

Pamela Masik is my hero.

pamela masik

I loved this! She had a huge painting up in the main showroom, but “this parts not done yet”.

Imagine having a 14, 000 square foot studio and your job was to fill the studio with your paintings that all came from out of your head.

pamela masik

Here is the genius, Pamela Masik herself.  She got on stage to say that if anyone bought art tonight, she would donate 50% of the profits to the Dr. Peter Aids foundation! Some of her pieces are going for $250, 000……

Pamela Masik

Dee and I snagged her for a photo-op and to tell her how much we admire her. She was extremely gracious, humble and sweet.

Apart from admiring art, there was a PARTEEE going on..

This is Novice Sister Hyde N Sikh from The San Francisco based Sisters Of Perpetual Indulgence. (They are self-proclaimed “nuns” that promote safe sex and HIV prevention.)

She had a very vibrant personality!

sister of perpetual indulgence

While the sister and I chatted, Dee was outside with Sharad Khare and Yves Decary.

l'atelier salon, sharad khare

Looking good!! Lets get that dress on the dance floor!!

Fancy niblets.

Super entertainment too. These are twin girls that do a “piano dual”. It was so fun to watch. Check em out at www.twinkeys.com

twinkeys, twinkeys.com

That about wrapped up the night… Good cause, good people, good time!

Now Mike and I are brainstorming new adventures to do with Stormtech. We got the yet to be released Fall catalogue and look who is on the 2nd page!!!

stormtech performance apparal

“Adventure athlete and field reporter”…. at your service;)

K, we’ll talk tomorrow! lots of love and butterflies and art.

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2 Responses

  1. Just a couple of points of clarification:

    We take official vows and are queer nuns in pursuit of spreading Universal Joy and expiating stigmatic guilt through all the work we do and the charities that we support.

    While the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence was born in San Francisco about 32 years ago, I am from the local Vancouver Abbey of the Long Cedar Canoe Society – A Mission of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence. This is the only current active Mission/House in all of Canada!

    If you or anyone else is looking for our support in your fundraisers or charity initiatives, please visit our website (www.YVRSisters.ca) to find out more about who we are and “how we can scratch your back – but you’ll have to scratch our too” ;-)

    Lots of Love and Joy,

    N. Sr. Hyde N Sikh, Full-of-Bling

    • admin on 28 Jun 2011

      Thanks so much for that information!! I really appreciate it. Keep up the good work.

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