Hey gang!!!

How the heck are you? This week is flying by. I have been taking voice over classes, voicing tons of scripts, went to the gym once (NEED to up that-) but just keeping super busy in general.

Last night Mike had a videography gig at The Comedy Union. I came along for the ride (and the laughs).

The Comedy Union, LA

Here we are, about to go in. The show was super fun and we met some great people. Did you know I tried Stand-Up Comedy when I was 16? OMG- I failed miserably!!! I’ll tell you the full length story some day;)

Today was just gorgeous out (+26)… I spent most of it inside working, but I had to show you that on a clear day you can see a big flower pot, a sliver of the ocean from our balcony.

And if we cut across the street, you can see the real deal. Check out ALL those surfers in the water!!!

They just sit there, waiting for their “wave” to roll in!

surfers in south bay

Not bad for Feb.9!

Love the sound of the waves crashing in.

Under the pier. So cool.

EEK! Look out for the rushing waves~ (don’t worry, I was really far back….)

While I am voicing, Painter gets bored and does ANYTHING to get our attention. One by one he brought out almost every curler from my hot rollers set. Then he grabbed one of my MAC blushes. Here is Mike taking a picture of me, taking the picture…

And here is the picture I got of him….Little brat!! (but so cute)

It’s hard to stay mad at him! I remember when we were little if my brother did something bad, my mom would try to discipline him, but she would just end up laughing. I think I kinda do the same thing… It drives Mike crazy. He says, “If you can’t even discipline our dog, how are you going to be with kids.” I tell him- “WATCH ME!” lol

I almost made it to a yoga class tonight, but last minute NO. BOO, I need to get my butt back in gear. It’s been a slow start since the new year. I can feel that “healthy” itch coming back on board. I can’t stay stationary long. I need to get moving.

How is everything with you? Have you been “moving”? Drink any green shakes lately? I’ve had a couple this week. Need to stock back up on the greeny, green GREENS!!


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