Springy fever

Hello! AHHHH! Where have I been? :(

Yes I can b$t@h and moan that I am soo busy, but that is no excuse to neglect my dearly and beloved blog!

All I can do is laugh it off like these big crazy men at English Bay dt Vancity.


With the spring weather, the beaches and seawall paths are packed. Oh look, you can see my old building to the left there. <3 English Bay.

Puppy’s perspective of Lost Lagoon..

Snow capped mountains in the distance…

These little marsh areas are neat, but we gotta keep an eye on the pup as we stroll through, there are some fierce racoons in nearby!

So instead of playing with racoons, he can just play with his friend rose.

Oh No! The pups are thirsty. Think fast- let’s flip over the frisbee! Now they are both hydrated.

Yes, I miss LA, but seriously, this is the view from my apartment last night. So gorgeous.

Port Moody sunset

Went to Whole Foods yesterday. First time in my life, I bought organic, “everything-free” deodorant and shampoo/conditioner. You hear soooo much about how many chemicals and toxins are in our supply’s, I want to take a few steps to get some organic, good products. I partly went by price point, partly really quick grabs cause I was in a hurry- but I went with JASON Tea Tree Deodorant and ALBA shampoo and conditioner. I will let you know what I think!

Alba coconut shampoo, alba conditioner, jason deoderant, tea tree

I just worked out and the deodorant seemed good. Still smell fresh and non-offensive!

I hope you are kicking so much butt in all you are doing! Some family coming in today- I’ll keep ya posted on our fun and games;)

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