Today when I went for a coffee, I looked around and noticed that

Spring is starting to SPRUNG!spring at english bay

Here’s a POEM about MARCH!

Many reasons to get outside

A good time to polish off the ‘ol bike

Runners put away their ear warmers

Churches leave the doors open during mass

Handstands are neat and if I could walk on my hands, I would! Just to celebrate SPRING! hee hee

I had to work for this shot! I almost fell in the pond and I dropped my lens cap in the water and had to fish it out!

What else? Yesterday I voiced a phone system for a very successful photographer from NYC. Here is me reading just a few of his many credentials…

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His name is Kevin Michael Reed. Here’s his site.

Other jobs I’ve been working on today: Discussing initial disclosure forms for a US financial corp, Then I worked on a translation for company in NY and  NOW I’m about to start on A kids game for learning ABC’s!!! FUN- I hope I get a copy of the game so I can send it to my nephew. I say things like “A, A is for Apple! B, B is for Bee, C, C is for Cat”

Y, Y is for yoga… (haha, not in the script) I was going to go to yoga today…but I think I might just skip it… We are going to the states tomorrow for a night, so I kinda just want to get as much work done as I can… I also just really don’t feel like yoga today… not sure why. I need to do Laundry too….BORING!

In NON-Boring news, I think I mentioned a while back that I might have a new job working with Stormtech- WELL, it’s official! At least once a month Mike and I will be out in the community (or wilderness) shooting video’s for this incredible outdoor apparel company. The Main headquarters is here in Vancouver., but they have headquarters in China, Sweden, Australia and New Zealand!  I am so honoured to be a part of such a great company!

Here is the 1st video we completed for them!

It really is an incredible jacket! I wear it almost everyday! It’s so versatile. We are waiting to find out where our next video will be filmed. It is either going to be here in Vancouver at Harry’s 8km road race OR we may be going to Yellowknife to an event called Frostbite 45. It’s a 45km event in the great White North! (yikes!) The trek is completed by ski’s or snowshoe/foot…

Y’all know me and my desire for challenge and adventure! I think Frostbite45 would be a great experience. This would be a true test of my viking roots. I just hope it’s warmer temperatures than normal:) I would NOT do the whole race. Mike and I would be a team and each take half. So we would each do 22.5km. Of course I would prefer laying on a white sandy beach, on a tropical Island, with an umbrella drink in hand… BUT I find that I relax and enjoy the luxurious moments in life even more after exploring the extremes! I love a challenge! ROAR!

I better get back to voicing my ABC’s…talk to you real soon

What is your cue that spring is in the air?

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