I would say GOOOOOD Morning…But it’s the evening! So good evennnninggg! lol

The joys of giving yourself a day off! I slept in until 9am. Mike and I went straight down to our fitness room to get in my 75 minute bike ride. Bam- done. Then we came upstairs and I said the phrase “Feb.5th” into the microphone. I voiced a commercial last year for a health fair in California. They still loved the commercial and all I had to do was change the date.
Have a listen! Can you tell that we just edited in “Feb.5th”?

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You can kinda tell. No biggie though..Mike and I were floored at how much we’ve improved, even in one year. Persistence and dedication is a wonderful thing.

So we sent that off, went for a big walk around the seawall. Rain was in the forecast, but I had my Stormtech jacket to keep me dry. I don’t know why- but I don’t like umbrella’s. They bug me.

Especially walking down a busy street like Robson and everyone has an umbrella- you pretty much have to wear safety goggles to make sure you don’t get your eyes poked out.

Of course, I still own a couple of them- living in Vancouver- but only really use an umbrella if I am walking to a meeting or gathering where I just spent an hour+ on hair and makeup. Walking the seawall- a rain jacket is all I need! Yes we got wet- but it’s all good. A quote I like…

We then went to our favorite greek restaurant Stepho’s, Mike found $10 on the sidewalk!! woot woot!
Now it’s time for the HOT TUB!! ahhh…
I will leave this post with a video of Mike and I singing at my brother Cory’s wedding, right after him and his wife Donnelly said I DO and were walking out. I was trying not to cry as I sang away… Mike and I performed one of OUR favorite song in the world. “Higher” by Jackie Wilson

See us in the back corner there?? ;) That song is going to be the 2nd song at our wedding! We are still deciding the first……..

Ok- hot tub now…Mike is waiting!

Talk soooooooooooooooooooooooon


xoxooxoxooxoxocxopfhawgouqrhe[ovhoxpoxoxoxoxoxooxoxox haha

Hugs, kisses and craziness!

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  1. Meesh on 16 Jan 2011

    You have a beautiful voice! And you really can’t tel that you added in Feb 5 :)

  2. Dani @ Body By Nature on 16 Jan 2011

    Such a gorgeous voice!

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