How was your Sunday???!!! When I awoke this morning, I was surprisingly NOT sore at all from yesterday’s race. I obviously wasn’t pushing hard enough. I know I could have ran most of it, but since I haven’t really trained for trail running up a mountain, I took the whole thing very easy. I would LOVE to train for it and actually really give it next year!

Here was me eager and DRY yesterday morning before the race.ready for seek the peak 2011

I got to Ambleside pretty early so I could pick up my race pack and stretch and sit in the car trying to stay dry until the race started.

Seek The Peak 2011, ReThink Breast Cancer

Runners getting ready for the challenge!

Seek The Peak 2011, rethink breast cancer
I did however jump outta my truck to grab one of these ReThink sweatbands.

Seek The Peak 2011, rethink breast cancer

Group Stretch!

Seek The Peak 2011, rethink breast cancer

Need some early morning climb up a mountain fuel?

Seek The Peak 2011, ReThink Breast Cancer

As soon as the race started, Kelli and I were basically soaked!

Did I finish the race? I had my head cam with me and I made a little video.. Watch to find out if I actually crossed the finish line;)

YAY! That was fun. The viking in me came out and got me through it…haha

I must say I have had a really fantastic weekend (despite the rather drab weather). How about that thunder last night??? My puppy Painter was NOT liking it!

How was your weekend???? Do fill me in!! Highlights??

Let’s get ready for a kick butt week ahead. If you need a pick me up to your week. Try listening to my “Start Your Day- Daily Meditation”



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5 Responses

  1. Just read your About Me and my gosh girl. You are so talented in everything!! So jealous.

    Read some random posts and am loving it. Can’t wait for more to come!

    Love your voice! (:

  2. mari on 18 Jul 2011

    way to go Amanda!! is it too late to make a donation?

  3. Marina on 18 Jul 2011

    I was thinking about you on Saturday with the pouring rain! I was going to go to the Folk Festival but ended up staying indoors.

    On Sunday, I ran/walked 10 km on trails and nearly died.

    I don’t know how you did it man! You’re kind of a hero!

    • admin on 18 Jul 2011

      Hey Marina! At least you got out there!!! Have you ever done the grind?

      • Marina on 19 Jul 2011

        Uh-h… no…? :)

        I know, eh? I lived here almost all my life and never done it. I met this guy at Running Room recently who’s a hardcore trail runner and he said it’s much better to do the BCMC(?) trail. It’s only 50 meters away from the Grind but there’s way less people there. Or something.

        Maybe I can join you one day?

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