Hope you had a wonderful weekend! I had a great one, worked a bit, relaxed a bit and if you read yesterdays post, I learnt a bit as well;)
I woke up this morning to run 1hr40min with my club (with a tempo run the last 30 minutes..yikes). I was not sure how I was going to make it through, I just wasn’t feeling 100% up to par;) We all meet at The Right Shoe first to have a debriefing of our routes, pace groups, etc)

And after our meeting, we all set out on our way. During our runs, there is always someone different to run with for a bit, talk too, share stories, how your feeling, etc. This morning I had the opportunity to hear first hand an amazing story by one of my club mates named Catherine. (her stories helped keep me going on our run!) She had just gotten back from a trip to St. Helena. At first when she said she went to St. Helena, I honestly had no idea where on earth this place was…so to save you any of the same mind boggle…this is where it is:st. helena, running festival
Now to make a long story short…here are some bullet points of what happened in St. Helena. I ENCOURAGE YOU TO READ THE FULL STORY HERE

-Catherine was going on a trip to St. Helena with her dad

-She heard about a Running Festival that the Island had once a year in July (she was going in February, but she emailed the race director and asked if she could perhaps get a race t shirt)

-They decided to impromptly organize a marathon for Catherine to do on her own while she was visiting the island!! And then she could attain one of these coveted running shirts

-The only way to get to this island is by boat (on the boat, they threw a spontaneous fundraiser and raised over $1000 for St. Helena)st. helena boat- On the boat she met Bart Hackley, the man who holds the world record in the Guinness Book for the most triathlons completed in one year! WOW. (he ran with her a bit during her race)

-Quote from the St.Helena Website:

“St. Helenians, also known as ‘Saints’, are known for their friendliness; everyone waves and greets each other, even to passing cars.

Saints are renowned for their hospitable nature.  Getting involved in our local social life will give you an insight into how vibrant, fun and welcoming we are.”

- So naturally Catherine is greeted with open arms and is loving her vacation!

- Time for Catherine to RUN her full marathon on St. Helena!Festival of Running, St. Helena

Sure is a beautiful Island!st. helena

This is one of the most hilly, up and down routes in excruciating HEAT! But you know what…….festival of running, st. helena

Catherine DID IT! AND….She got her SHIRT! (they made a special one for her)

AND she made the Islanders PROUDShe made her dad proud

And I sure hope 42km later, she made HERSELF proud

WAY TO GO CATHERINE!! (All of us at The Right Shoe are EXTREMELY proud of you!)

Like I said- You can read the story in Catherine’s words here.





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  1. Roy & Betty Wiggins on 08 Mar 2011

    Would just like to thank you for your wonderful tribute to our daughter Catherine on her achievement in running the Marathon on St. Helena. What a girl, and you can see from the photograph’s that she enjoyed every moment.

    She also raised 1000 Rand for two charities on St. Helena which was absolutely amazing, and very much appreciated by the Islanders. We think Catherine will be remembered for a very long time on St. Helena.

    Many Thanks for sharing this……

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